Worlds Best Travel Bloggers Top 3 destinations for 2015

Last year we asked the worlds best travel bloggers for their recommendations of places you should visit in 2014 (read it here). It was such a popular article that we asked them again this year.

Out of 36 locations mentioned (well one destination is the whole of Europe!), there's plenty of inspiration for anyone planning to travel in 2015. So where do they recommend you visit and why?

Top 3 Destinations for 2015
necropolis colon habana

FIRST - The clear winners of the destinations to visit this year are Cuba and Canada! Cuba was mentioned by Hole in The Donut Cultural Travel, Everything Everywhere, A Little Adrift and Wild Junket and the main reason to visit this year is due to the recently eased tensions between the US and Cuba, giving many people their first opportunity to go there.

Various locations in Canada were mentioned, clearly this is a country to visit in 2015 with Everything Everywhere, Breathe Dream Go, Bacon is Magic and Landlopers recommending a visit (Bacon is Magic mentioned 2 locations in Canada, and Mallory on Travel slightly cheated and included Canada as a special mention.)

haiti lost boy memoirs

SECOND - We have a five-way tie for second place between Georgia, Costa Rica, Iceland, Haiti and Italy.

Honorable Mention - Seeing as we already have 7 places in the Top 3, I'll add an honorable mention for India, the final location which was mentioned by more than one of our bloggers.

So there you have it the Top 3 (8?) Destinations to visit in 2015 according to the Worlds Best Travel Bloggers... read on for more reasons to visit these destinations and for 28 other destinations you should consider visiting in 2015.

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Hole in The Donut Cultural Travel

Greece: I got my first taste of Greece this fall on the Island of Corfu. From the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Corfu Town to the gorgeous little beach town of Arillas, I fell in love with the green carpeted hillsides, fresh Mediterranean food, and ultra-friendly locals. I'm looking forward to exploring more Greek Islands this year, and of course, to a return visit to Corfu.

Myanmar: This is the only country in SE Asia that I have not yet visited,and I am anxious to get there before things change too much. Previously all but closed to tourism, the military junta stepped down in 2011 and the civilian government that stepped in threw open the doors to tourism. At the kingdom's zenith between the 11th and 13th centuries, more than 10,000 Buddhist temples and pagodas had been constructed the Irrawaddy Valley River near present day Bagan. Today, more than 2,200 remain, and as a Buddhist I aim to see as many as possible.

Cuba: I have dreamed of visiting Cuba for years, and now that relations have been eased between the U.S. and Cuba, that dream is finally coming true. This coming April, Discover Corps will host me on a cultural immersion experience that will include activities such as cooking classes, visits to studios of local musicians and artists, and a meeting with a group of local students who will discuss life in contemporary Cuba. As a cultural junkie, I couldn't be more excited, because I will have a chance to see the authentic Cuba before it changes too much, and I highly recommend that anyone else interested in Cuba visit sooner rather than later.


Author Bio: After years of working 70 hours a week at jobs that paid the bills but brought no joy, I felt like the proverbial "hole in the donut" - solid on the outside, but empty on the inside. In 2007, I decided to pursue my true passions of travel, writing, and photography. My stories feature the destinations I visit and the people I meet, with an emphasis on traveling in a manner that benefits and deeply interacts with locals. Barbara.

Website: Twitter: @holeinthedonut

necropolis colon habana

"Necropolis colon habana". Licensed under CC BY 2.5 via Wikimedia Commons.

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Leave Your Daily Hell

KAZBEGI - Where it’s at: About two hours north of Tbilisi, Georgia (by bus). Why you should visit: The hike to Gergeti Trinity Church, which sits in the shadows of Mt. Kazbeg, Europe’s second-highest peak.

NIKKO - Where it’s at: 90 minutes from Tokyo, Japan (by train). Why you should visit: Nikko is just a short distance from ultra-modern Tokyo, but its vast collection of ancient temples set amid an imposing forest make it feel trapped in the distant past.

PALESTINE - Where it’s at: That’s a controversial question. Why you should visit: In spite of their difficult history and present situation, the Palestinian people are among the kindest and most gracious in all the world, to say nothing of the beauty of their land.

Editors Note - Robert from Leave Your Daily Hell has written a list of 15 places to visit in 2015 and I've chosen just 3 of the amazing places he mentions for this article. Make sure you read his full article here for some of the most spectacular photos of some of the most unique destination recommendations you'll read this year!

Robert Schrader

Author Bio: Robert Schrader is a writer, photographer and creator of Leave Your Daily Hell, one of the Web's top travel blogs. Follow his journey on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+ and look out for his work in major media publications such as The Huffington Post, Details and CNN Travel.

Website: Twitter: @leavyrdailyhell

towers in truso

"Towers in truso" by daduNI Uploaded by geagea. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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Uncornered Market

Republic of Georgia - Despite all the history and remarkable mountain landscapes, the Republic of Georgia, at its very best, comes back to the Georgian people. Cross hospitality-obsessed with crazy gregarious and you’ve got a sense of Georgian people and culture. Add to this beautiful mountain ranges, a culturally and architecturally eclectic capital city of Tbilisi, and incredible food. Then you’ll understand why Georgia is one of our favorite places in the world.

Ethiopia - Ancient rock-hewn churches carved from below ground, remarkable mountain landscapes, castles, ridiculously large plates of delicious local food. Ethiopia surprised us in so many ways, especially with its depth of history and culture dating back over 2,000 years to the Aksumite civilization and the adoption of Christianity in 330 A.D. (the 2nd Christian nation in the world). We also weren’t expecting to be awed by its mountains and trekking options available in the Simien and Gheralta Mountains.

Haiti - Because Haiti is surprising, complicated and fascinating. The country just marked the 5th anniversary of the devastating earthquake, and although the rebuilding process continues the country is ready for tourism, especially of a community-based variety. Sure, the country has some beautiful white-sand beaches that you'd expect from a Caribbean Island, but it’s the artists, musicians, waterfalls, hilltop fortresses, cave networks and the mysteries of Vodou that will likely leave lasting impressions on you. Although Haiti is only 1.5 hours away from Miami by air and shares the same island landmass as popular vacation destination Dominican Republic, it only sees a relative handful of travelers each year. At least for now.


Author Bio: We (Dan & Audrey) have been described as adventurers, professionals, and – most recently – as full-time travelers and storytellers. Our passions: creativity, personal development, technology, public diplomacy, travel and street food. And yes, we do believe there is a common thread woven between them all.

Website: Twitter: @umarket

Lost Boy Memoirs

(formally 'Just ChuckIn It')

Haiti Whenever I am asked, “why would you ever go to Haiti?” I have the urge to shake them and somehow project my experiences and memories into their brain. And that happens a lot. How could you not want to go?

I have been to Haiti twice now; once in 2013 and recently at the end of 2014. One doesn’t have to go far either way to be engulfed by the rich culture. From the young art students painting masterpieces in repurposed abandoned coffee factories of Jacmel, to the bustling markets which are the heart of Haitian life, to the Voodoo caves of Kounoubwa in the hills of Camp-Perrin, or up to the mountaintop fortress of La Citadel standing proud above the clouds. It’s all there, hidden from the world except for those who are willing to not judge a country by it’s media coverage. But the true and everlasting untold beauty is not of what you see, it’s in the people that you meet, for Haitians are the most hard-willed people that still know the value of compassion and friendship, and would gladly invite you in for an ice-cold Prestige or a cup of coffee and a chat. You will leave saying, “Mwen Renmen Ayiti.”

Italy How can one place live up to the expectations set by the imagination of a young boy? Or 20+ years of anticipation about a place he thought he’d never visit? Even with my obsession over Italian history and the influence of badass Russell Crowe tearing up the Colosseum, I tried to cull my expectations before arriving for fear Italy wouldn’t live up to them. I was wrong.

In 2014, I finally arrived in the country I had always dreamed of visiting. In my time there, I only experienced a small portion of the country, but even through Umbria and Tuscany you can see how diverse the country is. The green gumdrop hills of olives and grapes, the long golden grass lining the roads that snake though mountains or along cliff-sides that ghosts of watch-towers still cling to, and the towns where culture and tradition is as young as it was a thousand years before. The most memorable part of Italy for me is the importance of family, where dinners last for hours and recipes tell history, and the only requirement is to enjoy the company and the wine. If you can make it to an Island like Ponza, you will also find yourself in a place told of in The Odyssey, except Homer forgot to mention how damn good the seafood, Prosecco, and scuba-diving was.

New Zealand Your first love is forever your first, and long down the road your heart will still palpitate when you think of it. New Zealand, that ravishing vixen, she stole my travel virginity. And as the first one in my family to ever leave the United States, she did it gently. At least at first. New Zealand has graced the ever so regurgitated Top 10 lists the past few years but I really can’t blame them. Even flying into the country — through the puffy white clouds and beams of sunlight that make the emerald water look like the aurora borealis — is a magical experience. Just don’t fly into Wellington, you may come out with grey hairs and years added to your face after experiencing those nature mood swings.

I will say that New Zealand s one of my top three favorites not just because she was my first, but she really knows how to get your heart racing. The country is the embodiment of the adventure spirit, and everywhere that you go you find some activity bound to make you feel more alive then ever. You can, in one day, white water raft the world’s tallest legally rateable waterfall, enjoy the aromatic pleasure of bubbling sulfur pits, bounce down a mountain in a plastic ball, swing through a canyon screaming like a baby, get dunked while bungy jumping from 45 meters, win a sudden death billiards tourney, and sing karaoke, IN ONE DAY. I know because I did that. I still need to get my heart checked.

ryan lost boy memoirs

Author Bio: I am a self-proclaimed corporate escape artist with a severe disdain for the mundane, and I am on an odyssey of oddities not to find myself, but to create myself. After breaking free from my corporate confines in 2011, I am now traveling to discover the cultures and countries around the world with an open mind and naked eyes, and to inspire others to stop living to work as means to an end, but living for their dreams as a means of infinite possibility.

Website: Twitter: @LostBoyMemoirs

new zealand lost boy memoirs

"New Zealand" - Lost Boy Memoirs

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Just Travelous

Brandenburg - Everyone is always looking for off the beaten path destinations and in the end most people end up in all the same places. Brandenburg is a real hidden gem. It's the state in Germany that surrounds Berlin and it's like a fairy tale place. Hidden lakes and cobblestoned tree-lined streets and villages lost in time. I go there as often as possible especially in summer. A car, good friends and no directions.

Borneo - I fell in love with Borneo when I was sleeping deep in the jungle on a plain mattress in a wooden hut. In the middle of nowhere, where lizards and macaques say good night to each other. But actually, we weren't in Borneo. The locals there say, Borneo is only the Malayan part of the island. Here, in the Indonesian part, we’re in Kalimantan. Kalimantan, that’s the Borneo, no one really knows. It might be one of the very last adventures. Travelling there can be rough and hard, but travelling there feels like real travelling.

Costa Rica - I've just been there in November 2014 and was amazed by the nature and diversity of this beautiful country. I especially enjoyed my stay in Drake Bay, a small town within the Osa Peninsula near Corcovado National Park. From there it's just a short boat trip to Cano Island, one of the coolest diving spots in the world if you want to see reef sharks.

just travelous

Author Bio: JustTravelous is an award-winning travel blog that focuses on unique experiences, adventure travel and flashpacking. JustTravelous is written in English and German and is not only one of the best travel blogs in Germany but also one of the Top 100 international travel blogs. Yvonne is a professional German TV journalist with over 10 years of experience in travel shows, news, documentary and corporate films for hotels and destinations.

Website: Twitter: @justtravelous

monkey business costa rica mallory on travel

"Ain't he cute?" Costa Rica - Mallory on Travel

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Everything Everywhere

Haiti. I'm going there in about a month as part of the first trip in the country with G Adventures. After the earthquake and several other disasters, I think they are ready for more visitors.

Cuba. Given the changes in US policy, it is now possible for Americans like myself to visit (at least journalists) I might go after my Haiti trip.

Alberta. The Canadian rockies are amazing. I spent a month here last summer and I'm back again this winter for more stunning photography.


Author Bio: My name is Gary Arndt. In March 2007 I sold my house and have been traveling around the world ever since. Since I started traveling, I have probably done and seen more than I have in the rest of my life combined. So far I have visited all 7 continents, over 140 countries and territories around the world...

Website: Twitter: @EverywhereTrip

landlopers alberta

'Alberta, Canada' - Landlopers

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Camels and Chocolate

Breckenridge, Colorado. Fresh of the plane from the charming ski town, I've got winter travel on the mind and I can't help but play favorites. While you can't go wrong with any Colorado ski resort, Breckenridge boasts the most established town of any I've visited, complete with a bustling Main Street brimming with bars, restaurants and more—providing an excellent après scene. On top of a new peak added last year—and renovations to two others just in time for this ski season—there's also a recently opened brewery, a new fat biking experience, an awesome distillery and an expanding arts district, making Breckenridge a desirable year-round destination not solely reserved for winter months.

Montenegro. This under-the-radar Adriatic spot is far more affordable than its popular neighbor, Croatia, and offers a little bit of everything: adventure, beachin', fjords, vistas and even some Game of Thrones action. (True story: I geotagged a photo while in Kotor, and it automatically populated as "King's Landing!")

Cayman Islands. Last year, I visited Grand Cayman for the first time not on a cruise ship, and I was pleasantly surprised by this laid-back isle and how safe and quiet it turned out to be (not to mention, void of merchants trying to peddle their cheap tourist crap to vacationers on the beach). As an avid diver, I was equally impressed by the Cayman Islands' 365 campaign—a dive site for every day of the year. With the new development of Camana Bay, a 600-acre community full of high-end restaurants and even a celebrity chef or two, as well as a weekly progressive dining experience, I predict Grand Cayman is only going to become more popular among culinary travelers.


Author Bio: Nashville-based journalist Kristin Luna logged her requisite years in New York City working for Newsweek, Time Inc., Conde Nast and Wenner Media before adopting freelance status and eventually moving back South. She currently writes about travel and food for a stable of print publications, including Southern Living, Entrepreneur, Robb Report, Glamour, Redbook, The Guardian, USA Today and more. She blogs regularly at her site, Camels & Chocolate: Tales from a Travel Addict, and often can be found diving, doing Zumba, or partaking in any of a number of high-adrenaline activities that make her mother nervous.

Website: Twitter (& instagram): @lunaticatlarge

porto montenegro

"Porto Montenegro" by Daniel Nyul - Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

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A Little Adrift

Tanzania: With the health issues and unrest in Africa making headlines, it's easy to forget Africa is a big place. Tanzania captured my heart in 2015, and I highly recommend you put that dream safari on your travel plans this year.

Cuba: With travel sanctions lifting for Americans traveling to Cuba, this country is only going to continue making headlines as more travelers discover the charming historic streets of Havana and the gorgeous Cuban beaches. I visited back in 2010 and may just head back this year too!

Georgia: This is on my high on my personal travel list! I haven't made it to the Caucasus region yet, but friends who have been rave about the cultures, languages, and the natural beauty.


Author Bio: I’m Shannon O’Donnell, and (my website) has been my home since I left to travel around the world in 2008. I launched A Little Adrift as a way to share my journey, as well as share the hows and whys for others feeling adrift and looking for a change in their lives.

Website: Twitter: @ShannonRTW

national geography tanzania tour guide

"Tanzania National Parks" -

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Wild Junket

Iran - I just did an epic three-month overlanding/camping trip in Central Asia this past fall and we went from Kyrgyzstan through Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan and finished in Iran. I would recommend the entire region as it's still undiscovered by mass tourism yet so rich in history, culture and nature. But if I had to choose one place, it would be Iran. The country is very different from how it's portrayed by the media - it's got the friendliest people I've ever met (everyone's eager to invite tourists into their home for tea) and some of the most beautiful architecture I've seen.

Antarctica - With the effects of global warming, more and more people are feeling a sense of urgency to get to Antarctica before it disappears forever. I was lucky enough to visit in 2013 on an expedition cruise with G Adventures and we spent a week hiking on glaciers, watching penguins waddle past us and having whales swim beneath us on our zodiacs. It was just the most incredible place I've been.

Cuba - This is the hottest place right now, with the US opening its doors to the country. I still haven't been and can't wait to visit sometime this year!

nellie wild junket

Author Bio: Nellie Huang is a high-profile travel writer and blogger with special interest in extreme adventure and unusual destinations. She has traveled to over 90 countries across 7 continents, including the Arctic and Antarctica. Her work has appeared in BBC Travel, CNN and She is also the author of The Adventure Traveler's Handbook. Read more about her discoveries on

Website: Twitter: @wildjunket

the penguin highway on cuverville island antarctica

"The penguin highway on Cuverville Island Antarctica" - Wild Junket

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Gypsy Nesters

Queensland Australia – From the Sunshine Coast to the hinterlands, tropical jungle to the outback, Queensland has an incredible variety of landscapes. The Glasshouse Mountains overlook gorgeous beaches on the Coral Sea, perfect for lounging or surfing. They don’t call it Surfer’s Paradise for nothing. For bucket list checking, it’s hard to beat diving on the Great Barrier Reef, or seeing koalas and kangaroos.

Costa Rica – A world leader in ecotourism, this is the place for hanging out with monkeys. But there is so much more, active volcanoes, amazing beaches, pristine national parks, and an amazing array of non-monkey wildlife like birds, reptiles, and sloths.

Stockholm Sweden – Start in the original old town, Gamla Stan, then explore a Royal Palace, a remarkably undamaged ship from 1628 in the Vasa Museum, or ride to the top of the Ericsson Globe, the world’s largest spherical building. Along the way, stop for fika, the Swedish coffee break tradition, and certainly top off the trip with a real smörgåsbord at the incredibly elegant Grand Hôtel.

Gypsy Nesters

Author Bio: David & Veronica are experiencing the collision of Baby Boomer and Empty Nester. Upon sending their youngest out into the big, wide world, they set out to break the empty nest rules by selling everything and hitting the road. To become more than empty nesters, to be gypsies, GypsyNesters! Along the way they rediscovered the couple who fell in love years ago and chronicled their journey in a new book, Going Gypsy: One Couple's Adventure from Empty Nest to No Nest at All.

Website: Twitter: @gypsynester

australia zoo shake - gypsynesters

"Australia Zoo Shake" - Gypsy Nesters

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Never Ending Voyage

Slovenia - We think Slovenia is the best kept secret in Europe. It’s a magical world of breathtaking Alpine scenery, emerald rivers, fairy-tale lakes, picture-perfect towns, and delicious food and wine. It’s much more affordable and has fewer crowds than neighbouring Austria and Italy.

Puglia, Italy - Puglia is our favourite region in Italy—we love the whitewashed villages, unique *trulli* (conical stone huts), vegetarian-friendly food, crystal clear sea, and welcoming farm stays.

Kampot, Cambodia - This sleepy town in southern Cambodia won us over with its relaxed vibe and crumbling architecture. We spent our days enjoying fantastic coffee and food, paddle boarding on the river, and taking yoga classes, as well as trips to nearby salt fields, coffee plantations, and the beautiful Rabbit Island.

never ending voyage

Author Bio: We are Simon Fairbairn and Erin McNeaney, a digital nomad couple who sold everything to travel the world indefinitely. We explore our wonderfully wild and weird world, attempting to find the best vegetarian food that it has to offer and creating stuff along the way.

Website: Twitter: @NevEndingVoyage

puglia italy

"Puglia, Italy, June 2012" -

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Y Travel Blog

The Phillippines: I see this as the next hot Asian destination. There is plenty to appeal to a traveller here with affordable prices, tropical climate and over 7000 islands, filled with many white sand beaches. The underwater world looks just as exotic and exciting for divers and snorkellers.

Colombia: What used to have a reputation as an unsafe place, is now being touted as vibrant and welcoming, and offers a mix of adventure, culture, and stunning landscapes.

Iceland: Summer hiking to winter Northern Lights excursions, geothermal spas, fiery volcanoes, icy rivers and glaciers, geysers and waterfalls, and a land greener than Ireland, Iceland has to be on everyone's wish list this year. It's certainly on mine.


Author Bio: Our motto is: Travel More. Create better memories. We believe in accumulating memories, not just possessions. We believe that life is about making it a story to tell, and we do that through travel. We’re originally from the Central Coast region of Australia, and we’ve been traveling around the world since 1997, first solo, then as a couple, and now with our two young girls. Caz and Craig.

Website: Twitter: @ytravelblog


"Palawan Island Philippines" -

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Eating Europe Tours / Amsterdam Foodie

Bordeaux – Forget Paris – France’s southern belle is oozing with old-world charm… Bordeaux’s cobbled streets, romantic 18th-century architecture, balmy climate and rustic-chic restaurants make it one of my favourite European destinations. And did I mention the wine? Bordeaux is absolutely surrounded by vineyards, and it’s possible to stop in at any number of wineries, taste their wares, and pack a couple of cases of France’s finest into the boot of your car. And all for a fraction of the price you’d pay in northern Europe.

The Algarve – While I’ve yet to make it to Lisbon (it’s on the list this year, in fact), I did spend a week last year exploring Portugal’s Algarve area. Forget your prejudices about British stag weekends, cheap Sangria and dodgy sunburn lines; the Algarve is home to some of the most stunning Atlantic beaches I’ve ever seen. Fly into Faro (a cute town in its own right), hire a car, and spend a few days driving around the Atlantic coast, stopping off at the gorgeous village of Silves on your way back. Just avoid Albufeira and you’ll miss most of the tourists completely.

Amsterdam – Disclaimer: I am an Amsterdammer. I’ve lived in Amsterdam for 9 years, and written a blog about this city for 8 of them. But here’s why: no other city in Europe is small enough to safely cycle everywhere, while being big enough to boast internationally renowned restaurants, museums and nightlife. No other city makes you catch your breath with its beauty while on a bridge overlooking the canals at night. No other city can have such a reputation for drugs and prostitution, while at the same time being home to more museums and art galleries per capita than anywhere else in the world. Trust me – there is nowhere quite like Amsterdam.

amsterdam foodie

Author Bio: I’m a writer by craft, a foodie by nature, a Brit by birth, and an Amsterdammer by choice. I grew up around my dad’s hotels and restaurants, learnt to cook probably sooner than was wise (think of a 5-year-old with a knife), read literature at university, travelled (some of) the world, and got into writing while I was at it. I’ve been blogging about restaurants as the Amsterdam Foodie since 2007, and started working for Eating Europe Tours in 2014 – I’m now editorial manager of their food tours business in 4 cities.

Website: Twitter: @eatingeurope

Algarve portugal


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Breathe Dream Go

Canada It's my home country, and I've been exploring it as a travel writer over the past year or so. And I have to say: Canada stands up to any destination on earth as a great tourism destination. The beauty of Canada's rugged outdoors is the number one draw, and has to be experienced. In Canada, you have both pristine nature and well-maintained national parks, which makes it easy to access incredible wilderness experiences. Also, Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver are very vibrant cities, with many cultural and culinary possibilities.

India India is my other area of specialty, and my home away from home. India has to be one of the most fascinating and life-changing destinations on earth. People love it or hate it, never neutral. But for those who love India, there is nothing like it. There are several lifetimes worth of things to see and experience in India, from historic monuments to bustling cities, to vast deserts, to soaring mountains to tropical beaches to colourful festivals. India never disappoints.

Sri Lanka Last year I visited Sri Lanka for the first time, and loved it. It's a calmer, cleaner version of India in some ways. The interior is lush and fascinating, lots of great historical sites, ruins, temples, tea plantations and spice gardens. And the coast line is very much a paradise. I will go back to Sri Lanka.

mariellen breathe dream go

Author Bio: Mariellen Ward is a professional travel writer based in Toronto and Delhi, torn between the natural beauty of Canada and the chaos and colour of India. She writes for many online and offline publications and publishes the award-winning travel blog Breathedreamgo, inspired by her extensive travels in India, Canada and beyond.

Website: Twitter: @Breathedreamgo

taj mahal india

"Taj Mahal, India" -

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Mallory on Travel

St Helena Any opportunity to travel to one of the most remote destinations on earth requiring a five day ship journey from Cape Town has to be grasped eagerly by any traveller. Lovely, friendly people, an unspoilt landscape, and the final exile of Napoleon make it a fascinating destination too. It’s also one of the best places to swim with whale sharks… plenty to recommend then.

Iceland The Land of Fire and Ice is always likely to be top of any travellers list of places to visit. The volatile, spectacular landscape, which is still being sculpted by nature’s most powerful forces, and wonderful light make it a photographers dream. Then of course there is Reykjavik!

Costa Rica Watching an impressive, violent thunderstorm over the cloud forests of this wonderful destination is one of my 2014 highlights. Boats rides along the swamp lined canals, providing opportunities to get up close and personal with fantastic wildlife, and visiting fascinating, friendly villages are just a few recommendations from here. It’s also great surfing…

Special Mention: Canada Ok, breaking the rules slightly, but can’t possibly do a favourite destinations post without mentioning Canada. This diverse country will always be one of my favourite places to visit.

mallory on travel

Author Bio: Iain is an ex-military man, and served as a Warrant Officer in the Army Physical Training Corps. This enabled him to become highly qualified in a large number of adventurous activities. Participating in many expeditions to many parts of the World which this satisfied his wanderlust. He now works freelance as a writer and photographer and enjoys finding adventure wherever he travels. He publishes the popular website Mallory On Travel, an adventure travel guide for the everyday adventurer by a former adrenalin junkie.

Website: Twitter: @MalloryOnTravel

turks cap st helena mallory on travel

"Turk's Cap, St Helena" - Mallory on Travel

Nomads flourish

Egypt After a few years of uncertainty, 2015 is the year to visit Egypt. Now stable, the country is ready to once again welcome tourists from around the world, although the restart has been slow. I visited in January and even the most popular sites were noticeably devoid of the normal hoards of tourists, making it the perfect time to visit. Not only will you get a more intimate experience at the sites, but there are naturally also many deals to be found. This is a dream destination for many and this is year to makes those dreams a reality.

Norway With the rise in popularity of Iceland, many folks are looking towards other places in Scandinavia for remarkable, once in a lifetime experiences including Norway. This northern country has a lot to offer almost year round, but especially in the winter months. Head north for amazing views of the Northern Lights, dogsledding adventures and the chance to sleep in an igloo hotel. Don’t forget about the capital city Oslo though, plan on a few days to explore this beautiful city.

Alberta, Canada Canada never fails to surprise me, and that’s especially true in Alberta, a rare all-seasons destination. In the winter months head to the famous ski resort town of Banff where you’ll find great slopes and many cozy places to enjoy an apres-ski Nearby Lake Louise also provides fun experiences including ice hikes, dog sledding and cross country skiing. In the summer, the province comes alive with activity, especially along the Cowboy Trail. Spend a few nights learning how to be a cowboy on a ranch before driving down to the Badlands and Dinosaur Provincial Park, one of the most beautiful places in all of Canada.

matt landlopers

Author Bio: An experiential luxury traveler at heart, Matt Long shares his adventures with thousands of readers every day through his award winning site As someone who has a bad case of the travel bug, Matt travels the world in order to share tips on where to go, what to see and how to experience the best the world has to offer. Based in Washington, DC, Matt has been to more than 65 countries and all 7 continents.

Website: Twitter: @landlopers

Eqypt Landlopers

'Egypt' - Landlopers

Nomads flourish
Inspiring Travellers

India - Can you believe, while I've been travelling around the world for almost 20 years, I still haven't visited India?! With the Taj Mahal, one of the seven wonders of the world, on top of my list, I'm dying to go there. I actually won an all expenses paid trip to Kerala in the south of India last month, but because of a conflicting schedule I actually couldn't go. Kerala being called Gods own country should be reason enough to put India on top of your list.

Iceland - Iceland has been on my mind for years. It's one of the best places to see the Northern Lights and the next 2 years the conditions will be excellent to see them. It's easier to get to these days and flights from Europe are cheap if you can be flexible and from the United States it's an easy stopover to visit Europe (see my next tip). Iceland is the ideal mix between natural beauty, outdoor activities and relaxing afterwards in some natural hot pool.

Europe - Choosing one European country or city was difficult, so I just picked the whole continent ;-) Since last year, the Euro has come down a lot, making travelling to Europe a lot cheaper for foreigners. If you like city trips, historic buildings, culture, great people, amazing food and beer, Europe is the place to be! For myself, I will be rediscovering my home country Belgium and probably do some city tripping to Berlin, Rome, Amsterdam and Paris this year.

geert inspiring travellers

Author Bio: Addict | Adventurer | Vocalist | Online Marketing Consultant, Geert is a Travel Blogger with a ♥︎ for #SEO #Travel #Photography and #Beer. Inspiring Travellers hopes to inspire its readers, whether they’ve visited dozens of countries or barely make it to the next town once a year.

Website Twitter: @inspirngtrvlrs

iceland mallory on travel

"Worth it for an iconic view" - Iceland Mallory on Travel

Nomads flourish
Bacon is Magic

Modena, Italy Most people come to Italy to see Rome, Florence and Venice but there are great small cities where there are no restaurants just for tourists and everywhere you go you are alongside locals. Food in Modena is fantastic and I liked it so much I just visited again in January.

Toronto, Canada This recommendation may be a bit biased as I live in Toronto but it's a fantastic city with a really diverse population. The food is fantastic and craft beer in Toronto is really developing. My biggest piece of advice is not to stay in the downtown core but in one of our great neighborhoods to get a sense of this wonderful city.

Quebec City, Canada Another Canadian pick that is on my list of places to get to know better in 2015. Quebec City is a historic city in Canada and while many people understand Quebec is where the French speaking Canadians are, it's really so much more than that. Quebec has its own distinct culture that is far more than language alone, and it's one I'd like to discover.


Author Bio: Professional chef meets professional eater. She was eating away around the world when she walked into his restaurant. Now together they travel, sharing stories of great food and the people that make it happen. Watch the videos here:

Website: Twitter: @ayngelina

italy lost boy memoirs

"Italy" Lost Boy Memoirs

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