Travelling to Europe - Preparation

... An Aussie on Holiday, Part 1.

So when I first told my boss at Nomads Noosa, that I wanted to take a month off over Christmas and New Years - in the peak of Australian Summer which is also the peak of the travel industries high season - the reaction was not great. But my awesome personality and outstanding charm (along with some small bribery) must have won him over in the long run as here I am, writing to you guys from a very, long haul flight and on my way to Europe!

Most of the guests that we get in at Nomads Noosa in the amazingly wonderful beachside town of Noosa Heads, are actually from Europe - some of you might be homesick or you may not be, but over the next 3 weeks I will give you insight to how I have seen this amazing area and give you some travel tips along the way too. Hopefully you’ll find my tales entertaining, and hopefully I’ll have fun writing them too!

Travelling - the Preparation; Handy Tips!

Getting ready for a big trip is massive. You have to organize your life to fit in with your trip, organize your life to fit into your bags and watch your weight as well – I mean your luggage weight - love handles are more than acceptable when traveling! ;)

Now I have only had to organize myself for 3 weeks worth of away time, I shudder to think what all you backpackers have had to go through who travel for months or years! But here are a few little things that might help you get a step in the right direction.

  • Be Santa. I mean make a list and check it twice. Make sure you know exactly what you’re taking, what you’re not taking and which bag it is going to be packed into.
  • Know your schedule. If you’re like me and heading out from a warm country to a cold country make sure you know damn well where those sexy long-johns are hiding, last thing you want to do when you’re freezing your ass off in Heathrow is go searching through your bags in the middle of the tarmac. (ok slightly over the top but you get my point) Also know what you’re in for on any layovers - you might not have full access to all of your luggage.
  • Know what you’re going to bring onto the plane with you. Comfort is key. Think a little neck pillow, some face wipes (ladies remember you can’t bring your normal face wash on board) clothing that will keep you warm under the subminus air con (seriously what is up with that?) but not too warm that you feel like you’re in the tropics. And don’t forget some form of entertainment. It's cool that most planes these days you get your own little telly in the back of the seat but after 23 hours it might get a little dull.
  • Have a chat with your bank. Not because they will miss you terribly… yeah right! But because they are like parents and need to know where you are at all times - if not they might cut off your allowance! No seriously people, I have seen it day in and day out where some poor little backpacker is in the middle of checking in at reception and their card won't work because their bank thinks the charges are fraudulent. Also as I recently discovered your bank might have a better account for you to use while overseas - mine did and it has already saved me a bundle. More money for beer now - YAY!
  • Remember the little things. If you’re off for a few weeks make sure someone can collect your mail and generally make your house look lived in – or better yet why not see if you can rent your place out while you’re gone - nothing like free rent while you’re away! Feed the fish, kiss your nan goodbye, set your mobile on international roaming, and if you’re leaving a romantic partner behind and plan on not being “exclusive” while you’re off sewing your seed, make sure they’re on the same page as you! I heard a horrible story from our friends at The Arts Factory Lodge in the wacky and wild Byron Bay where a young lass was having the time of her life (or possibly getting close to having it… the story wasn’t that specific thank god!!) with a ‘new friend’ when her boyfriend from back home decided to fly over and surprise her. Safe to say she was very bloody surprised. Ouch!

There are so many other little things, like making sure you reconfirm trips blah blah blah. But I know backpackers – some a little too well! And I know you guys are going to spend money and time on hold to an airline company confirming trips. Just try a little common sense – like arrange how you’re getting to the airport etc a little in advance, then once you’re at the airport you can let your hair down and hit the bars - hey that’s what airports are for isn’t it???

Until next time little Nomads, safe travels!

What you can expect from An Aussie on Holiday Part Two - Security pat downs, Cold McMuffins and much more....


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