Traveling Music - Soundtrack for Backpackers Oz & NZ

Music is an essential part of travelling and there are very few people who travel without their own personal music device. Music helps us through all of our walks of life, from boredom to breakups, from romance to raucous nights out. Whilst backpacking music becomes your best friend and there is always that one song to remind you of that particular moment in time.

For those of you who are thinking of crossing the ocean to experience the backpacker world of Australia and New Zealand then this playlist is the soundtrack for you. Download these songs to your mp3 player and start planning your trip of a lifetime.

Your backpacker soundtrack to Australia and New Zealand

"It's My Life" - Bon Jovi - The motivational song to get you to fork out the cash and book that ticket.

"Take this job and shove it" - Johnny Paycheck - The other reason to fork out the cash and book that ticket.

"Transit Lounge" - Crowded House - Awesome song from an Awesome New Zealand Band to see you through the airport stage.

"All Around the World" - Oasis - That's right there is a big wide world to see and you are about to start exploring it.

"Australia" - Manic Street Preachers - Because that is where you are heading.

"Land Down Under" - Men at Work - For more information on where you are heading.

"Smile" - Lily Allen - Arriving at your destination can be really daunting the first time so remember to smile and let all those other backpackers come and say hello to you.

"Travelin' Soldier" - Dixie Chicks - For that cute Hugh Jackman lookalike who sits down next to you on a backpacker bus.

"Promiscuous Girl" - Nelly Furtado - It happens to us all, you leave home and somewhere on the plane journey our previous decorum and behaviour disappears.

"American Girls" - Counting Crows - We've all heard the rumours. Also a very good song.

"Holiday Romance" - The Kinks - Backpacking wouldn't be the same without some romance, what else are those idyllic paradise beaches for?

"Tequlia" - The Champs - An excellent way to make friends and a stable in the backpacker diet.

"One Night Stand" - The Aloof - A lethal combination of the above 4 often results in one night stands.

"Sex on Fire" - Kings of Leon - Isn't it always when you've had a fair amount of tequila and think you're queen/king of sex.

"Put your Clothes Back on" - Rodney Carrington - A sad fact after the blurry night before. Actually I would recommend anything by Rodney Carrington, his songs always make you laugh.

"Go West" - Pet Shop Boys - For when you're not quite sure where to go next.

"Don't Stop Me Now" - Queen - Because you're having such a good time!

"Wish you were here" - Pink Floyd - For all your friends back at home in their boring mundane lives.

"Skinny Dippin" - Whitney Duncan - Quite possibly the most popular backpacker activity.

"(I need a ) God damn job" - Replacements - For when your money is running low.

"Leave" - Bare Naked Ladies - Your visa has come to the end of its life span, you have completed all those adrenaline pumping activities and hopefully seen the country and have to either go home or visit somewhere new.

"Let's Get Married" - Jagged Edge - Your visa has come to the end if its life span but you don't want to leave.

"Always Look on the Bright Side of Life" - Eric Idle - The mantra for any backpacker - remember you are having the experience of a lifetime.

So there you have it, your traveling soundtrack for backpackers coming to Australia and New Zealand. For those of you who are currently backpacking, let us know the songs to your backpacker soundtracks as you travel through Australia and New Zealand.


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