New Years Eve in Ireland

...An Aussie on Holiday, Part 4

When I last left you I was on a flight to London Heathrow Airport (The Solo Mile High Club).

Well after landing in London I got a rude shock and came face to face with London’s winter, COLD!!! Skynews helps me keep updated and I watch the fireworks over the Sydney Harbour Bridge from a little pub in Heathrow Airport, I can’t help but feel a little home sick thinking of all my friends and family at home who are at this moment drinking beers and wishing each other happy new year.

My huge hot chocolate loses a little bit of its appeal and my mind wanders to the NYE Glitz and Glam party going on right this minute at home in the KB’s bar in Noosa… I hope they’re all having fun.

After a 6 hour stop over I was finally onto my last leg of travel and headed to Dublin Ireland with Irish Airline Aer Lingus. A quick collection of bags, a change of clothes and I took my first step outside for close to 38 hours. Into a cab and onto my way to Dublin city and I’m already having a hard time understanding my Irish taxi driver Seamus – it’s good to be in Ireland!!! Seamus drops me at the door of the Castle Hotel and even takes my bags to the door for me, bless! Irish hospitality is doing me well already!!

It is now 4.30pm local time, I have no idea how long I have spent in transit, but I am exhausted! Maybe a quick nap before my NYE celebrations. Zzzz. I wake with a start and it takes me a while to work out where I am exactly… Then I remember that it is New Years Eve and I am meant to be having a fantastic celebration in Ireland and listening to Irish music! CRAP! It's 10.30pm! I quickly have a brief shower (the first in many, many hours) chuck on some make up and head downstairs to the hotel pub, where they have a wee irish band playing - this is the stuff. Unfortunately since I was very ill in Australia before I left, a Guinness is out of the question but a diet coke will do me very well.

I grab a chair and chill out with some local music, so this is Ireland hey? New Years Day is on the approach and honestly I’m battling with my eyes to stay awake. There is a group of French people at the table next to me who are sharing everything in sight!

Already I am full up on chocolate coated raisins!! We’re on the count down now… 5 4 3 2 1 HAPPY NEW YEAR!! Excellent, now I’m off to bed - Im such a wild child! Just as I stand to leave - the barkeeper comes in holding a cake and the entire bar erupts in a verse of “Happy Birthday” – I sit back down and wait patiently for them to finish. After we’ve all sang around I start heading off again only to have a piece of mud cake handed to me by one of the French women, then a glass of champagne (from Champagne) follows shortly. I refuse them politely and try to explain that I'm not drinking because of the antibiotics I am on, but the message doesn’t really come across… So I sit back down, eat my cake and pretend to drink my champagne and wish the little French girl a happy birthday. After talking with my new French friends, the Irish band wraps up and the night comes to an end. Finally after hours and hours of travel, transit, flights and buses, I am now off to bed.

Good night Ireland, and Happy New Year all!


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