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Mouse Pasty in Dublin Ireland

...An Aussie on Holiday, Part 5

Hello little Nomads and welcome back to my ongoing blogathon of an Aussie on Holiday. When I last left you guys, I rang in the new year in Dublin, enjoyed cake and champagne with the French and listened to some real life Irish music. It is time for me to enjoy Dublin.

A quick full irish breakfast at the hotel (how different is the bacon here from the stuff at home??!), then off for a walk about town.

I pass the garden of Rememberance, the writers museum, the millienium spire and head down to the shopping areas. Unfortunately I am still working on the Aussie time difference, and it is 8am, still dark and New Years day. Everything is closed. Poop!!

I still walk through the town and after a few hours of getting my bearings it is lunch time… mmmm what to have? I spot a little cornish pasty shop – it has my name all over it!!

I order a traditional pasty and find a seat in Temple Bar to eat my lunch - YUM! I smother the pasty in sauce (it’s the Aussie way) my first bite is mostly sauce with pastry… delicious.

I’ve opened up my pasty and insert even more sauce and go in for a second bite (don't judge me!!!). This time I get sauce, pastry, some meat and some veggies. Mmmmm not as tasty as I was expecting… what a let down! By my third bite I can now clearly see everything that is inside my pastry, it really is NOT attractive! Then I wonder what on earth that grey thing is. I open up the entire pastry and see chunks of grey through the veggie filling - is that meant to be meat?

"it looks a little like... a mouse without a head…"

I pick up one of the largest grey lumps, it has a distinct shape to it, like something I've seen before... you know what it looks a little like... a mouse without a head… OH! Oh ew! OH NO! Has this crazy Irish guy just served me Veggie and Mouse Cornish Pasty? THAT’S NOT TRADITIONAL YOU BASTARD!!! I mean I know they had a lot of mice and those creatures back in the day, and I will be the first to admit that I’m not 100% up to date on the history of Ireland, but I’m pretty bloody well sure that putting mice in food - in ANY day and age is WRONG!

Now of course, I can’t be 100% certain that what I was served really was mouse and veggie pasty (it was though) as I was busy trying not to throw up on the streets of Temple Bar. But I can tell you with 100% certainty, that my appetite and sense of adventure was nowhere to be seen after my “meal” and with a nauseating feeling, I returned to my hotel room.

Tomorrow had better be a much nicer day, as I am off to Wicklow Mountains National Park for the day - VERY exciting!!!

As I let my meal of mouse and veggies digest, I will talk to you again tomorrow. Until then, Safe travels.


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