Future Music Festival

Drawing closer to the end of Summer, you'd think we'd be getting blue. The long summer nights, the days spent on the beach and the hours spent soaking up the sunshine would all be coming to an end. But we don't get blue... because there's still something to look forward to... The Future Music Festival, which is one of Australias best music festivals, is held in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Adelaide and Brisbane at the end of February and into early March.

This one day festival is jam packed full of amazing artists, awesome people and excellent locations! The Future Music Festival marks the end of summer with a bang! Just when we're getting ready to settle into hibernation it comes screaming around the corner, dressed head to toe in neon and demanding that we wake up!

future music festival
Future Music Festival History

It all began in 2006 in Sydney, and by the next year it had already become a touring music festival a bit like the Big Day Out and was also being held in Perth, Melbourne, Adelaide and Brisbane. In 2012 Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia was also added!

The Prodigy, Jesse J, Skrillex, The Stone Roses, The Chemical Brothers, Empire of the Sun, Basement Jaxx, David Guetta, Franz Ferdinand, Dizzee Rascal, Ellie Goulding, Armin van Buurin, Drake and good old Psy from Gangnam Style fame are just some of the huge number of artists to have played at the annual music event.

Future Music Festival

Unfortunately it appears that the future of the Future Music Festival is in doubt. It was been cancelled for 2016 and it looks like it may not be coming back in the years after that as well, although there is a chance that another festival may take it's place.

Future Music Festival has been scrapped due to low ticket sales, organisers have announced.
"We more than 30 per cent off where we wanted to be and that's a signficant number of tickets," Brett Robinson, who ran the festival for 10 years, told Fairfax. "If we can't get [the required] attendances it is untenable. We all have to move on. It's a really sad day for me personally and all of our team, we would live eat and breathe this festival around the clock."

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