Common misconceptions - NZ vs AUS

People often make the mistake of comparing our beloved New Zealand with our mates across the ditch - there are some very common misconceptions about NZ and AUS. "How's Australia?", I'm asked, "Don't know, I'm still in New Zealand", "Same thing". NO! No it's not the same thing...

Now don't get me wrong, Australia is amazing, The Great Barrier Reef, The Whitsundays, Fraser Island, Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, the list goes on of amazing places, and it really is just that, amazing, but it's not New Zealand.

Ok, I get it the, almost, similar accents, the laid back attitude, the love of pavlova. But when it comes to the countries themselves that is where the similarity ends.

sheep in new zealand

Let me explain...

We have snow capped mountains in Queenstown and Tongariro, glistening lakes such as Wanaka and Taupo, Skiing in places like The Remarkables and Mt Ruapehu, surfing in Raglan, adrenaline and serenity, hobbits and elves, glow worms and kiwi birds, a North and South Island all within a fair distance of each other. In New Zealand, nothing is impossible.

But yet it continues...

"Stay away from the spiders", I'm warned, "Why?", "Don't they kill you?"

No, let's clear this up once and for all. New Zealand has no dangerous insects, the only incident that I have personally come across, is when a moth flew at me and I hit my head on the lampshade, it hurt but luckily it was not life threatening.

scary kiwi birds

Here in New Zealand we have Kiwi Birds and Australia has Cassowaries, birds yes, but not the same. I couldn't imagine fearing for my life if a Kiwi Bird ran after me, in fact I'd probably look stupid. It wouldn't be the first time though, I told you about the moth incident right?

"Be careful a dingo doesn't eat your baby", sniggering, "I don't have a baby and there are no dingo's here", "ah well you know what I mean"

I'll probably have more chance getting eaten by a sheep in all honesty. And this is where the only New Zealand cliche joke is referred to...

"Stay away from the sheep, you know what those kiwi's are like!"

Oh there it is, finally! Acknowledgement that I am, in actual fact, in New Zealand. But I'll take it. Funnily enough, most of the meat produce from New Zealand gets sent to Australia after the Kiwis have had their way with it! Bon Apetit guys and please remember, I'm in New Zealand and it isn't the same country as Australia!


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