All About you!

We recently asked you to tell us a bit about yourselves. Some of the questions were random, some of the answers even more so. So, which celebrities do you want to go drinking with, what's your proudest moment, what's your favourite joke...

Read on to find out a bit more about some of the backpackers who stay with us at Nomads!

80% of respondents were female, 50% were between the ages of 18 - 24, 40% were 25 - 35 and 10% were 36 - too old to admit to. Here is a selection of the questions asked and answers given...

If you could go drinking with 3 celebrities who would they be and why?

There were lots of different celebrities that were mentioned in this question, but surprisingly the only celebrity mentioned more than once was Russell Brand, however one of those respondents obviously isn't aware that Russell Brand no longer drinks alcohol, so I think the party they were expecting would not be quite as 'messy' as they were hoping.

"Russell Brand - Has a reputation for drinking hard and partying even harder. One of the funniest men I've seen both on and off the screen, you could bet it would be one of the funniest and messy nights out ever."

"Jesus, I have a lot of questions!"

"Vladimir Poetin (president of Russia): I would like to ask him why people can't have an opinion in his country, and why they are not allowed to express it."

What's the most stupid situation a friend has got you into?

We all find ourselves in stupid situations, sometimes our own fault, sometimes our friends fault; but have you ever almost run over a police officer?

"I almost ran over a police officer whilst driving to the Sunshine Coast, QLD. I was the driver of the vehicle, my friend riding shotgun. She was trying to distract me but strip teasing, poking me, tickling me (anything to annoy me really). We were driving along the back country roads from Toowoomba, I was distracted momentarily when my friend screamed 'LOOK OUT'! there dead in the middle of the road was a police officer with a breathalyser indicating for me to pull over. I locked up the brakes, swerved as he dove out of the way, just barely missing him. After gathering himself up, the police office approached my vehicle from behind, pistol drawn, convinced I had tried to run him over on purpose. I was almost arrested on the spot, but my smooth talking friend managed to get me a get out of gaol card."

Which celebrity do you hate the most and why?

Justin Bieber

Well there was a clearly popular choice of Justin Bieber for this question. 30% of you hate him the most! Seems just thinking about him made this respondent angry! Check out all those exclamation points!

"Justin Bieber because he is ssoo stupid and reckless and just doesn't seem to care about anyone or anything except himself!!! Everyone else seems to love him but I just can't see it!!!!!!!! AAAAAAAAA RRRRRRRRRRR GGGGGGG HHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Paris Hilton, Will.I.Am and Coldplay also got mentions (as well as a few other very random people). Only one respondent didn't hate anyone!

What's your funniest memory from the last 5 years?

A lot of the funny memories told involved alcohol (and failures of bodily functions due to alcohol!), a few stories were about comedy shows or TV programmes where the laughter just wouldn't stop. One girl walked into a glass door at a very quiet museum (because she didn't see it), but one story we can probably all relate to either because it's also happened to us or we have witnessed it happen to another backpacker:

"Managing to lock myself out of my hostel room in just a towel !!! I had to walk down 2 flights of stairs to reception to get the extra key to be allowed in!!!!! :O Nightmare !!"

What was the last TV programme that made you cry and why?

30% of you appear to be heartless with no TV programme ever making you cry! :) 20% of you mentioned someone on the show dying, with one guy ashamed to admit that his girlfriend made him watch Grey's Anatomy and he cried! Extreme Makeover Home Edition got a few mentions, a couple of sad films like My Sisters keeper make you cry but probably the most emotionally draining of them all has to be:

"young, lazy and driving us crazy - the people on the show didn't know what a cucumber was and kept calling it a sad :("

I feel your pain!

Tell me your favourite joke!

Lots of blonde jokes and a few classic Dad jokes thrown in for good measure. Here's a random selection of some of your favourite jokes:

"Two men walk into a'd think one of them would've seen it!"

"What type of computer can sing? A Dell (Adele)"

"do you wanna hear a joke about the blunt pencil?
...ah theres no point."

My personal favourite:

"A man asked his friend...'would you care for an orange?'

The friend said...'sure, if it needed me.'"

What's the most annoying kind of post you see in your facebook feed?

candy crush

Are you one of these people? The thing that seems to piss people off the most is a notification that a friend has leveled up in a game like Candy Crush or other game related updates, but pictures of your kids are annoying a lot of people too, coming in at a close second for the most annoying kind of update!

Posting hundreds of pictures of your food, posting depressing statuses or trying to fish for compliments and 'neknominate' videos also all got mentions. What can we learn from this? Stop sharing your level up news, stop taking pictures of your dinner and if you've recently had a baby, maybe only share those pictures with your family rather than the whole world.

What qualities do you most admire in a friend?

70% of you mentioned honesty, 60% mentioned humour, 40% mentioned loyalty, one person mentioned work ethic and another mentioned good taste in music!

What qualities do you most dislike in a friend?

Although lying and selfishness were definitely the two most disliked qualities in a friend there was a wider range of answers to this question compared to the previous. Hypocrisy, bitchiness, lateness, cheating, hypochondria, high maintenance and a big ego all got a mention!

What's your biggest regret and why?

The majority of regrets were based around losing contact with friends or neglecting friends, a couple of people have no regrets at all but this one stood out to me out of all them:

"not paying for a guy's doughnuts and drink at Sydney central train station when he seemed to be scrambling around for the money to pay for it! I could've easily offered to pay but I just didn't!!! I don't know why but I do wonder what would've happened if i had! :( :/"

and finally...

What's your proudest moment ever?

The overwhelming majority of answers were centred around going traveling, whether that was actually doing it, or getting on a plane solo, but skydiving, scuba diving, getting a driving license or pilots license, helping a son rebuild his house and training wild horses were also mentioned.

A big thank you to everyone who filled in the survey, I'm not sure how much we've learned about you or whether we can come to any conclusions, but it's been fascinating reading your responses and finding out what makes you laugh, what makes you cry, and what makes you angry!


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