A Hostel Guestbook

Ahhh the hostel guestbook. Something all Nomads Hostels have in common, a cheeky little book full of cheeky little comments, pictures, quotes and memories from most guests past and present. The best thing about a hostels guest book is being able to read about the fun, crazy times and the enjoyment that a hostel and its guests have brought upon each other.

A guestbook is good to record memories and to capture a moment in time. Speaking of which it has come time for us to start a new guest book here at The Fat Camel Hostel, so this is to pay tribute to our hostel guestbook and guests from the years 2009-2013!

fat camel hostel guestbook

A few funny things we read about were dedicated to our members of staff over the last few years. We even got a comment from somebody named Chuck Norris!

"The Camel has been my home for the last year, I LOVE YOU GUYS SO MUCH, it will be hard to be away from Auckland. To all my friends you are the best and just remember memories last a life time. Zoe, Ganna, Hoey, Ritchie, Speedo, Andrew, Lachy, Davy and all other Camel crew. I will miss you guys so much and I wish you all the best in the future! Long live the Fatty!!"

along with a few handy pieces of advice such as

"If you meet a woman in Thailand you always have to look for the adams apple!"


"Reception is the best place to be ROCK ON",

"I need a hairdryer, I'm having a meltdown!",

"Most laid back people ever... Wait 4 happy hour @ the bar & get on it, rooms are sweet 2!" ...

"Warren and JD the happy Receptionists 6 MAY 2011".

and some flattering comments such as

mitch has awesome boobs

"Mitch has an amazing smile!!"

and weirdly...

"Mitch has got awesome boobs!" (Mitch is a guy!)

This year we are bringing out a new guest book because all of the pages in the current one are completely full! Your challenge if you wish to accept it is to draw us, write us, quote us, flatter us, embarrass and riddle us as much as you can on every single page!!

If you are staying in a Nomads hostel, ask for the guestbook! This will give you an idea of what sort of people you can expect to meet and socialise with here and just a few secrets about the staff (just a few!) that you can choose to use against them in whichever way you please. We look forward to sharing more and more memories with everyone!


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