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There's no doubt that Australia's east coast is an absolute must do! Fraser Island, Whitsunday Islands, Byron Bay, the Great Ocean, the Great Barrier Reef (the list goes on) tends to be on the bucket list of every global traveller. However there is more to Australia than just breathtaking beaches and coastal side party towns. Australia's Outback is larger than the entire east coast alone and is truly unique to anywhere else on the planet.

The most popular outback travel route stretches between Adelaide and Darwin, combining Uluru, King's Canyon, Kakadu National Park and many other spiritual and remarkably unbelievable attractions. Here are some of the most remarkable and unique places that can be found when venturing through Australia's big, wide and diverse Outback. Have your bucket list ready?

1. Uluru

Most people associate Australia with the gigantic red rock that sits within the middle of desert. Uluru is the world's largest monolith and upon arriving to this unusual natural attraction, you will instantly gain a spiritual understanding of why Uluru is a sacred site to native Australians. Although there is an airport at Uluru, the best way to see it is by booking a 3 day tour from Alice Springs that includes a visit to The Olgas and King's Canyon.

Uluṟu (Ayers Rock), Sunset

2. Flinders Ranges National Park

This has got be one of Australia's best kept secrets (ok we are lying - there are many secret locations in Australia that will blow your mind away). Located north of Adelaide, many tours that operate from Darwin through to Adelaide will include a stop here. There are many walking trails, aboriginal rock art sites and when climbing to the top of a mountain for 360 degree views of the outback, you will will really get the feeling that you are in fact, in the middle of nowhere! You will also find Wilpena Pound, a gigantic crater and where the film Wolfe Creek was filmed... scary!

Wilpena Pound from the Air

3. Kakadu National Park

Located just south of Darwin, Kakadu National Park is an absolute must when visiting Australia. It's like an adventure playground for adults and the area itself is HUGE! You really need a 4WD to explore so booking a tour from Darwin, or an inclusive tour from Adelaide or Alice Springs is a must. Within the national park you will find the towering Jim Jim Falls and Twin Falls as well many natural swimming holes, miniature frogs, wetlands and Ubirr Rock - a sacred aboriginal rock art site.

Jim jim falls

4. Devil's Marbles

Located around 400km north of Alice Springs sits the eerily strange Devil's Marble. The sphere shaped rocks eerily sit within the desert and some of them are perfectly balanced upon one another. It is the oldest religious site in the world and to this day is still a significant sacred site for the aboriginal community.

Devils Marbles

5. The UFO Capital of Australia

Yes that's right - things start to get a little when travelling Australia's Outback! As you venture along the great Stuart Highway you may stumble across this weird little town that claims to be the UFO epicentre of Australia. The town is loud and proud of its UFO sightings and you will spot Alien and UFO memorabilia throughout the town. Yep... welcome to the Outback!

UFO Capital of Australia

6. Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy sits almost halfway between Adelaide and Alice Springs and the majority of the town is actually undergroung! 80% of Australia's opals are mined here and you can even stay in an underground hostel! Only in the outback!

Coober Pedy - Dug-out in Coober Pedy

7. Litchfield National Park

Just a short distance away from Kakadu National Park south of Darwin, is Litchfield National Park. Most tours will visit Litchfield as well as Kakadu. Litchfield has some of the most amazing natural swimming holes and thermal springs in Australia. Imagine stumbling upon a secluded waterhole in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by towering cliff faces and trees - paradise!

Australia litchfield wangi falls

8. King's Canyon

Located around 300km south west of Alice Springs, King's Canyon reminds us of a Lost World. The walls of the canyon stand at 100m tall and within the canyon you will find beautiful creeks, sacred aboriginal sites and some pretty epic lookouts. The best way to explore is by taking the 3 to 4 hour walking trail throughout the canyon. Most 3 days Uluru tours will include a visit to King's Canyon.

Kings Canyon NT view

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