Wentworth Falls Blue Mountains

Going to the Blue Mountains is one thing that is a must do when visiting Sydney. There are many options for going, whether it is on a fully guided trip or going by yourself. As backpackers like things cheap I chose to go by myself for my trip to Wentworth Falls in the Blue Mountains.

Wentworth Falls is one of the most beautiful towns within the Blue Mountains offering possibly the most spectacular bush walks and views. But it is also famous for the stunning Wentworth waterfalls. These can be reached (well almost) by car, but it is of course more challenging doing a bush walk towards the waterfall, and that is what I did!

wentworth falls

The walk that I did was the Charles Darwin Walk and it starts in Wilson Park. The park is a 5 minute walk from the train station and can be found pretty easily. Unfortunately I did not really prepare for the trip and had to ask a lovely older gentlemen for the start of the trail *Shame*Shame*. The track to the stunning waterfall is 2.8 kilometres and takes about 1 hour to walk. The track is pretty simple but you still have a feeling of adventure during the walk. Even for people who are quickly disorientated, like me, can do it without getting lost.

You will see a lot of Australian wildlife like cockatoos (Black and white ones) and small and big (in my opinion HUGE) lizards. The only animal that is missing is a Kangaroo!!

After about 1 hour of walking I reached the Wentworth waterfall. It's absolutely breath taking and the walk is so worth it! Not only the view of the waterfall is stunning but also the view of the blue mountains from here is worth the walk.

If you have energy left and feel like walking some more, there are stairs that will take you to the foot of the waterfall! ''Lazy'' me decided that it was a bit too much for one day, as going down the stairs is fine, but you also have to climb up again...

The train ride takes less than 2 hours and costs less than $20 (RETURN) on the train from central station.

So if a guided tour is not for you, but you still want to see the Blue Mountains, take the train! It is easy and cheap and a definite must do!!


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