Tourism Australia | There's Nothing Like Australia

Tourism Australia embarked on a new campaign last month called 'There's Nothing Like Australia' with the aim to promote Australia to the world. Australia has been a top tourist destination for quite some time but recently other areas of the globe have been gaining more and more popularity including New Zealand and South Africa, both countries with similar features and options for visitors as Australia.

So in order to keep visitors keen on Australia or to revive distant memories of backpacking trips and promote a desire to return to the country, Tourism Australia has come up with a two phase plan to get people worldwide to visit the wonders Australia has to offer.

The first phase of this plan is already taking place and is also the unique part to this promotional campaign. Tourism Australia have asked the countries heart and soul to tell the world what they love about their country. Australian's throughout the country have been invited to tell their stories of their top places in Australia complete with uploading pictures of the country they choose to live in. It's a great touch to the usual campaigns.

Tourism Australia are managing to take a huge country and make it feel personal to each and every visitor. The simple reason behind this choice is "because they are the experts on what makes Australia unlike anywhere else" (

The second stage of the campaign involves taking all the stories, photos and tips the campaign has received and creating an interactive online map for visitors and potential visitors to use, search and learn from. It will be unlike any other guide in the fact that everything is personal and from the people who know it best. The map will be launched on towards the end of May worldwide and we can expect to see some sensational pictures as well as reading some witty and outstanding anecdotes. It is fair to say that a few heart strings will be pulled and a few love affairs rekindled with outback, beaches, wildlife, rainforest and lifestyle.

So look out towards the end of the month for the launch of 'There's Nothing Like Australia' because this excellent campaign is sure to impress and it has to be said, Australia lives in a world of its own and nothing can really compare so Tourism Australia have nailed it as there really is nothing quite like Australia.

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