Wild life Sydney

The most deceptive Sydney attraction to date, Wild life Sydney Zoo (previously Sydney Wildlife World) can be found next to the Sydney Aquarium and looks like a small animal show to be honest. About three hours later you will emerge convinced that Sydney has secret underground tunnels. The zoo is home to all creatures great, small and Australian and is the easiest way to get up close and personal with the unique and loveable Australian wildlife.

What's cool about Wild Life Sydney Zoo is that every animal there is from Australia itself! Going here really makes you admire what kind of wildlife Australia is home to. Australia has some pretty dangerous animals!

saltwater crocodile wild life sydney

The trip to the zoo is really a nice trip as it is located in Darling Harbour; a place where you can find many restaurants and bars to visit once you have finished the route that takes you through the zoo. The zoo is right next to Sea life Sydney Aquarium and Madame Tussauds and they have a pretty good deal for entry into all 3 of the attractions!

It is also home to one of the largest saltwater crocodiles in the world so if you aren't heading to Darwin come and meet one of the most prehistoric creatures, this guy is a character too. He appears to not be too fond of female crocodiles, let's just say he has made it very clear how he likes things!

The first part is the section you will most likely walk through quickly - it's the creepy crawlies and if spiders aren't your cup of tea, the massive, hairy black things are rank. No offence but it doesn't matter how many signs tell me that these spiders don't kill anyone, I still don't want one in my room. That goes for the giant cockroaches too.

"...wildlife you probably won't see anywhere else in the world..."
koalas wild life sydney

Snakes and lizards follow and then the wildlife you probably won't see anywhere else in the world, including quoll's, echidna's, wallabies, possums and cassowaries, the most dangerous bird in the world that can disembowel you in one smooth movement, apparantly.

For an extra special Australian wildlife experience, spend a little bit extra and have breakfast with the Koala's up in their canopy overlooking the Kangaroos.

Before you leave Wild Life Sydney Zoo you walk through the butterfly house and if you stand quietly with your hand out, you will most likely find a brightly coloured butterfly come to say hello.

Remember to be equally as friendly to the seagulls outside, they are wildlife too and they will steal the sandwich out of your hand.


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