stampede sydney aftermath

When people speak about pushing themselves to the limit, giving 110%, putting in all they have… I think why?? I’m so blissfully happy in ambling mediocrity why do anything to interrupt this quaint way of life I’ve casually put together.

To me pushing it to the limit means actually getting up when my alarm goes off rather than snooze it for an hour or "accidently" turning it off. Giving 110%... merely describes the occasions where I submit my work on time.

As for putting in all I have, well that’s just impossible isn’t it? I mean if I put in everything, what’s left for me? Nothing, exactly, and that’s just selfish.

the stampede

So you can imagine my surprise when it came to my attention that not everyone shares my simple views on life. And to add to my further confusion actually associate pushing themselves to the limit and giving 110% with sweat, mud and sometimes even pain.

It turns out that some of these "sadists" are part of the wonderful Nomads Westend family. Their latest torture of choice… The Stampede. The staff at Nomads Westend all got together for a team building session by taking on an assault course.

10 kilometeres of obstacles located sporadically in thick mud, including cargo nets, steep inclines and, last but not least, live wires charged with 10,000 volts of electricity. This is not a fun run folks, this is the stuff of Triwizard Tournaments. And unless you’ve got nerves of steel and a loose respect for living, you’re not reaching that finish line.

stampede finish line

So who are these mud warriors, these limitless beings, who probably don’t even need an alarm to get up in the morning, let alone miss a deadline.

A huge congratulations and a big well done along with an "I’ll have what you’re having" to Mel the General…(manager), Renee our Marketing manager, Ingrid our Finance manager and Jamie our Travel genius. Ladies I don’t understand you, but I applaud you.

If muck’s your thing, go for it. For now however I think I’ll steer clear of the muck and perhaps just delete my snooze option. One step at a time folks.


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