Taronga Zoo

Here I am, two months in Sydney with only one month until I return back to my home country of France. With only limited time left in this amazing city I really felt the need to make the most of it… bring on my "to do" list! And at the very top of my list was to visit the world famous Taronga Zoo!

Taronga Zoo is located in the exclusive suburb of Mosman on the northern side of Sydney Harbour about half way between Circular Quay and Manly. A day at Taronga Zoo is more like an expedition rather than a simple visit to an ordinary zoo.

taronga zoo kangaroos

My adventure to Taronga zoo saw me waking up early with a bunch of backpacking friends, pack my backpack full of goodies then walk down to Circular Quay, this is such a beautiful way to start the day and it only gets better from here. At Circular Quay you must first make your way through the crowd to board the ferry that crosses the harbour past the world famous Sydney Opera House. To save a little money I chose to get the combined ticket for $52 which includes the return ferry journey, cable car and your entry to the zoo. Don't forget this my friends because when you have a month left in Sydney and a "to do" list as long as your arm you will need every penny you can spare!

Once you arrive at the ferry terminal you can take a cable car to the top to reach the entrance. So, since leaving Nomads Westend we've had a bit of a city walk, caught a ferry across the stunning Sydney harbour and caught a cable car and all of that before we have even entered Taronga Zoo. See what I mean about an expedition? And there is still much more to come!

Once inside the zoo it was time to wander the 75 hectares and enjoy all of the amazing animals that call Taronga Zoo home. But before we got too carried away and caught up with crazy chimpanzees, we decided to plan our day and attend all of the shows that the zoo offers so we did not miss anything. At 11am we went to see the sea lions and seals put on a show which was absolutely amazing! Then we decided to follow the Taronga Zoo map that we received on entry. There are various routes you can take and the zoo is huge so the map is very helpful to help you navigate to ensure you do not miss any animals.

seals taronga zoo

It is such a fun day and especially when the weather is nice because the some of the views you get out to the harbour and beyond to the city is something that was really unexpected… they are sights I will never forget!

At the end of the day make sure you take the time to hang out in the wildlife pen, where animals run freely around people. I managed to get close to a kangaroo and give it a pat and it didn't even move, for a short moment it actually felt like it was my pet! I was so happy, it was the first time for me to even see a kangaroo and it was the perfect way to conclude an amazing day at the zoo.

Then it was time to get back on the ferry to get back to the city… what a wonderful day, one I'll never forget!


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