Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney

Sydney, a huge city with a population of 4,504,469, and all those people live on just 2058/km². The centre of the city is crazy with an innumerable amount of high buildings, busy traffic, taxi's everywhere, always loads of people on the streets and 24/7 noise. After a while in this amazing city your brain needs some rest. And yes, besides the busy parts Sydney also has really good places to chill out! My personal favourites are Hyde Park and the Royal Botanic Gardens.

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Hyde Park, a former horse racing track, is based in the centre of Sydney between the skyscrapers. Adjacent to the north side of Hyde Park, you'll find the Royal Botanic Gardens. The gardens were founded in 1816 and since then lots of plants from all over the world have been planted here, so there is a really large diversity of plants at this place. The Botanic Gardens are open from 7am, and the closing times depend on the season, but the earliest closing time is 5pm during mid-winter through to 8pm in summer.

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At the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney you'll find the Sydney Tropical Centre and the Sydney Fernery and Succulent Garden. It's free to get in although there may sometimes be an entry fee for some one off special experiences. If you really want to have a learning experience when there then take advantage of one of the free walking tours. Highly recommended is the Aboriginal Heritage Tour. At 10am every Wednesday, Friday and Saturday an Aboriginal Guide will tell you about the culture and the history of the Aboriginal people of the Sydney region. You'll also have the opportunity to try some bush food. It's worth booking this tour advance. Alternatively there's a free one hour daily walk through the Gardens departing from the Garden Shop at 10.30am.

royal botanic gardens tropical centre

You can easily spend the day at The Botanic Gardens especially with so many places to grab a bite to eat. They have a couple of cafes, a restaurant and a kiosk, serving, breakfasts, lunch and snacks. After a day learning about all the beautiful plants check out the Garden shop which is open every day apart from Christmas Day and Good Friday. Any profits from anything you buy in the shop goes straight back into benefitting the garden.

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The surrounding domain is also beautiful, the highest buildings of the city are on the west side of the gardens and on the north side is Sydney Harbour. From the domain, and especially from Mrs Macquirie’s Point you have a beautiful view over the harbour, Sydney Opera House and the Harbour Bridge. These gardens are a must see for everybody, and as their own website states "The surrounding parkland of The Domain is a place for sport, entertainment and recreation".

So don't miss miss the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney!


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