Bondi & Bondi Beach

If you ask anybody who's planning to come to Australia if they've heard of ''Bondi Beach'' and if they are planning to go there, you'll find that in almost all cases you will get the answer YES! Bondi is famous all around the world - not only for its beach, but also for the hot and famous TV Show Bondi Lifeguards, as a multicultural and beautiful area to live in, lots of cool events, great bars, clubs and restaurants and so much more.

bondi beach sydney

When I first got to Sydney I moved from couch to couch at a few friends places in the city and then ended up having my own room in a house on the famous beach road in Bondi for a week.

And this is when it happened... I fell in love! Being from Germany I grew up near the mountains and nowhere near a beach, so I couldn't get any more excited about living that close to a beach knowing I get to jump into the water every day if I wanted to.

I found a room to myself in a nice shared house across the street from the beach and started to live the Aussie dream.

Not only did I get the chance to go for a run along the stunning Bondi to Coogee Beach coastal walk whenever I wanted, but also it literally took me only 2 minutes to get from my room into the water!

bondi swimming pool

Every day I enjoy watching the surfers sitting in the water and waiting for the next big wave - even if you have to say most of them spent their day chatting with their mates in the water while waiting for the next break.

My house also has a stunning rooftop terrace overlooking the famous Campbell Parade and an open gym, HELLO BOYS, :).

If the sea is a bit too rough for a gentle swim then there's the famous Bondi swimming pool that I can go and visit, or I could just go shopping at Bondi Junction. There's also a market every Sunday that you can potter around for a few hours.

Bondi is mainly known for it's beach but there is much more to Bondi than that, come and visit and you too might just fall in love with this famous part of Sydney.


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