Watsons Bay Sydney

Some things commonly associated with Australia, and Sydney in particular, are its long, vast surfing beaches and the dramatic headlands that surround them.

sydney cliffs

For some of us that are, let's say, surf-challenged though, a tamer, calmer environment is more appealing. And that's where Sydney's bay beaches come in.

Camp Cove, Watsons Bay, Parsley Bay and Nielsen Park are not as familiar as Bondi or Coogee Beach but are arguably equally as beautiful. They are located in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney - a wealthier district full of big beautiful homes and pricy cars. The area is of wealth problably due to the amazing views you get from this part of town that faces Sydney harbour and CBD.

When you lay on these calm beaches whilst seeing the city from the distance, it gives you the feeling of being both just close enough and just far enough from the excitement. The tranquil water and thin strip of sand are far from the stereotype of wild surf but are perfect for relaxing.

There are also gorgeous walks that surround these bays (especially by vaucluse lighthouse) you can do that are high up on the cliffs, giving you both amazing views of the water and of the city - unlike the surf beaches of Northern, Southern and Eastern Sydney.

sydney secrets

By Watsons Bay wharf there is a pub and a stand that is attached to the restaurant Doyles, to provide you with some yummy fish and chips after the long beach / walking day or one one of my favorites - a fresh prawn and salad sandwich. Deeeeeeeelish!!!

You can catch the ferry from Circular Quay to Watson Bay or alternatively the 325 bus that leaves from both Woolloomooloo, near the center of the Sydney and Bondi Junction.

If you have a car it is also worth driving around to look at some of the incredible houses and architecture as well. But make sure you get a chance to see a less touristy and perhaps more unique part of this picturesque city!


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