angry girlfriend

We've probably all been there before, your angry girlfriend is screaming at you and if not she's grabbing the nearest object to chuck at your head. Now you find yourself in a perilous situation, because you know that whatever you say or do from here on will have a bad effect.

These types of situations can start in a myriad of ways; for instance she asked you if she looked fat in her new jeans (and believe me, there's no right answer on that one guys), or whether you gave her best friend some love, or simply because she's on her period... there's only one thing on your mind... Regardless of how this situation started, you want to pacify your angry girlfriend and get this hazardous situation over with.

Luckily for us Sydney has plenty of places to accomplish this; so here's our Top 5 places in Sydney to take an angry girlfriend (and don't worry we're perfectly aware that boyfriends have their moments too, however being men (boys) there are probably completely different locations in Sydney that would calm them down and they probably all involve beer!). So onto the Top 5 in descending order...

5. Sydney Royal botanic gardens

What could possibly cool down your loved-one faster than a nice and placid view of one of Sydney's most beautiful parks while breathing in some fresh air generated by those beautiful trees? What's even better is that this park is free to access and open every day of the year! So you won't be locked out with an angry girlfriend.

The gardens have a good location, situated directly east of circular quay and the Sydney Opera House. It has plenty of interesting assets such as a pond, gardens with beautiful foliage and even a pyramid glasshouse. There even is a cafe in the middle of the Royal Botanic Gardens where you can fend off the garden creatures from your girls lunch to get on her good side again!

sydney botanic gardens

4. Sydney Harbour

Has our first suggestion not worked? or maybe she enjoys the ocean better than a nice park? Then this one is for you. The harbour is regarded as one of the most beautiful natural harbours in the world.

On any given sunny day the harbour provides a stunning view over the water on which loads of sailing boats, cruise boats and even ferries drift peacefully, and best of all; a cool sea-breeze to cool her down.

The nicest harbour view can be seen from one of the ferries which can be easily accessed by you and your girl at Circular Quay. Is your pissed off lady love a little more high maintenance? no worries, there are also excursions by private cruise operators that run around most parts of the harbour. Some providing a short trip, and others an extravagant evening on the seaside. How can she still be mad after some smooth sailing on the expense of your hard-earned dollars?

Sydney Harbour Bridge

3. The Sydney Tower

Do note that the next place is not a good one to take your angry girlfriend if she's afraid of heights. The Sydney Tower is the highest structure in the center of Sydney CBD, and you can see it from almost anywhere in Sydney. This place offers a romantic 360° view of the city for you and your girl to enjoy, and if you look to the distance you are able to see the Blue Mountains.

If you really want to show off to impress her you could even face stepping onto a platform with a glass floor which gives the impression of skywalking at a height of 309 m or 1,014 ft. Here you even have the option to treat your ill-tempered sweetheart to a nice meal in the restaurant... and it even slowly spins around while you eat so you can see the whole view.

sydney tower eye

2. The Sydney Opera House

What? She's still mad? Time to take her to one of the most iconic places of Sydney then. Sydneys internationally recognised symbol and above all a place that lends itself perfectly for cooling down any overheated angry girlfriend. After all, how can she stay mad when you take her to a building that cost some $160 million to make and is regarded one of the most romantic places in Sydney.

On the lower concourse of the Sydney Opera House there is the Opera bar offering live music and quality food and even forty different wines to get your partner so drunk she'll forget what she was mad about to begin with!

sydney opera house

1. Macquarie's Chair (during sunset or sundown)

If all else failed it's time to take her to the place which probably provides the most breathtaking views of Sydney, namely; Macquarie's Chair.

The "Chair" itself is pretty much a sandstone rock that is actually hand-carved in the shape of a bench. It bears the name of the wife of one of New South Wales' early governess. Basically what this means is that it's carrying some historical significance, which all girls in general like because it makes you seem educated. The chair is also located in some nice gardens.

macquaries chair gardens

Well there you have it; 5 (nearly) fail proof places to take an angry girlfriend when you're in Sydney. Want to make sure that you cool your girl down? Stay with us at Westend Backpackers. We're smack in the middle of all these beautifully pacifying places!

image of the angry girlfriend courtesy of MediaFlex all other images are authors own (the author who is staying anonymous because he knows this article is a bit sexist and he's scared of his girlfriend!)


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