Learn to Surf Noosa

Surfing is definitely a MUST when you are staying in Noosa. Noosa has got one of the world's best surf schools: 'Noosa learn to surf'. They guarantee the best surf lessons in Australia and the safest training location! As the last recognised surf school travelling North and the first place travelling South, it's an unique location. These are some reasons why I decided to take a lesson to see if they could get me standing up on the board within 1 day.

learn to surf noosa

And yes, they could. They came and picked me up with a cool 4wheel drive from Nomads Noosa, where I am staying at the moment. Whilst sitting in the car they gave me some basic information about what was going to happen and where. When we arrived at our location we parked in Noosa Woods, near Main Beach, picked up the boards & wetsuits to make our way down to the beach.

The water was rough and we got warned to stay out of 'the rip', it is really hard to get out of there once you are in. I would definitely remeber that part. Then the instructor showed us how to paddle and get up on your board on the beach untill the fun part began: performing in the water! yeah!!

It was already not too easy to go into the rough water with such a massive board tied to your leg! But once you're in you will just try to paddle. And after that we immediately tried to stand up. And yeah I was amazed: the first try I did was a good try! I was standing on my board! YEEWH! :) I had a great time surfing, so I really want to thank 'Noosa learn to surf' for this amazing experience!

For more information about surf lessons in Noosa visit one of our Mad Travel Shops in all of our Nomads Hostels or check out their website.

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