Kite Surfing in Noosa, Sunshine Coast, QLD

I want you for a minute to close your eyes and imagine what it's like to be totally one with nature. Easy yeah? OK now you are cruising over crystal clear water where you can see dolphins and manta rays under your feet and a kite over your head, all you can hear is the ocean. Now, coming towards you is a beautiful 4ft perfect wave jacking up and about to break. Action! The forces of nature and your own pumping adrenalin kick in to give you the ride of you life!

Beware, fellow thrill seekers. Before falling over your feet charging out the door in search of this ultimate rush, there is something you must know... Kite surfing is highly addictive. It takes over your brain as thoroughly as a couple of jager bombs on a 'quiet one' in the local bar.

So for those of you brave enough to put aside comfort, safety and the pounding jager hang over, the day began for me at Nomads Noosa, where I work and my friends were staying here on the Sunshine Coast. Great Bar, central location, smiley staff and a chance to meet fellow kite enthusiasts to plan the ultimate day out; What I like to call a 'Down-winder'. The holy grail of Kite surfing!

Once you have gathered your gang and gear and have checked the wind on this website, you're looking for a 15+knot South Easterly. Head to the bus stop outside the cinemas (across the road from Nomads Noosa) and get on the bus south to Coolum. The bus drivers are pretty good about bringing your gear on as long as you try to keep the carnage created by swinging boards and harnesses to a minimum. Coolum is about 10kms from Noosa, 15mins by bus, about 2-3hours by kite ;)

"...launch and do a couple of sweet jumps for the crowd..."

When you hit Coolum, get down to the beach and set up your gear on the golden sands. Stash your pump for next time, launch and do a couple of sweet jumps for the crowd on your first tack out over the waves. Beware of the Surf lifesavers. They are your friends only if you stay well away from the flagged swimming areas. And if they are nice enough to come out to save your ass after you've dumped your kite and have to swim in, then the obligatory 'thank you 6pack' (beer) is much appreciated.

kite surfing

Your goal is to kite surf out behind the breakers, using the broken waves as ramps to get as much air as possible and hooting at your friends. Once out there pick the perfect wave, be towed onto it by your kite then surf it in. Repeat. You will gradually zig-zag your way down the pristine coastline and home to compare waves over a cold beer back at the bar.

So whats the beauty of this cunning plan to zig zag your way back down the coast you ask? No tacking upwind (its hard to zig zag upwind, against the direction the wind wants to take you). Amazing scenery. Abundant marine life. In the right season you can tack out to where the whales and dolphins are playing or in close to shore with the manta rays and sometimes the odd shark appears to keep things exciting. No matter what happens, even after a long swim in that has you crawling up the beach kissing the ground, you can still roll over look up to the sky and thank mother nature for giving you the best day of your life.

You can take kitesurfing lessons in Noosa too!

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