Is Nomads Noosa backpackers hostel Haunted?

Are there ghosts at Nomads Noosa? Is it really haunted? How can you explain these strange ghostly goings on?

Nomads Noosa is relatively new to the Nomads Hostels group but before this it was a well known hostel and while the outside walls of the building may look nearly the same, Nomads has worked furiously on refurbishing all of the rooms so the inside is completely different.

Regardless the site has been a motel and or backpackers resort for the past 45+ years. What's more our hostel does not have a room 13. What happened to room thirteen and where did it go??

So I've taken it upon myself to find out whether Nomads Noosa is a Haunted Hostel or just a Hostel.

Investigation one: the K.B's Bar.

Location: next door to reception.

Time: 7am – 30 minutes prior to the hostel being open for business.

I am in Reception on an open shift and am doing the usual opening activities. Lonely little me, enjoying the peace and quiet of the morning until I hear movements coming from the K.B's bar. It could possibly be one of our hostel guests come in through the back door or... ???

I go to investigate. There is not a soul to be seen in the bar and I start to head back to reception until I hear something again this time right behind me. I turn around (and am quietly pooping myself) and see... A turkey. As in bush turkey. How anti climatic!!! I proceed to spend the next 15 minutes chasing the turkey out of the bar. Was it a turkey or a ghost channelling itself through the bird? We will never know.

Haunted status - Unsolved

Investigation two: Hostel Room.

Location: One of the staff rooms.

Time: between 2am-4am on a busy Friday night.

A story fresh from our Manager Ryan. This story is shrouded in mystery, with Ryan waking in the middle of the night to see a figure at the foot of his bed. Ryan questioned the figure about what it was doing there and received a response in a kiwi accent asking if it was room 22. And quickly disappeared (or possibly left the room). A lost guest or... a lost soul?????

Haunted status- Unsolved

nomads noosa

Investigation three: Nomads Noosa - Tropical Pool Area

Location: Pool and beer garden area

Time: 6.30am Tuesday Morning

Our maintenance man Bruce was the one to discover the gruesome remains that faithful day. On one of Bruce's early morning walks around the hostel he recovered a man's shirt, trousers, shoes and socks. We have explored all possibilities and have come to the conclusion that a spirit (or ghost) must have possessed one of our guests, then as the sun rose the ghost evaporated taking the poor guests body with it and leaving only his clothes behind. Since then this area has been a frequent place for items of clothing to appear. It is possible that the spirit is harvesting multiple souls.

Haunted Status - Possible

Investigation four: K.B's bar (again - hey it's darn popular OK?!)

Location: Nomads Noosa

Time: 10pm Friday 13th

After finishing a rather long reception shift I made my way into our lovely bar for a nice cheap drink and maybe a dance. As soon as I opened the bar door I was met with Goblins, Vampires, Zombies and more. Finally proof that the hostel is haunted!!! Oh wait, no its just our Friday 13th party going down with everyone in fancy dress. Darn it!

Haunted Status - Drunk (OOPS! sorry too many jagerbombs!). I mean Haunted Status - Unlikely


Ok, so my imagination may have run a little wild for a little bit. I highly doubt that the hostel is actually haunted as all of the explanations may be a figment of my imagination but it would have been really cool, I guess I'll just have to settle for having a swish backpackers with all new rooms and the coolest damn bar in town. Poor me! ;)

Till next time little travellers, sleep tight! :)

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