Fraser Island overnight trip

Did you know that Fraser Island is the largest sand island in the world and one of the most visited spots in Australia?

The sand is made from the same chemical compounds as Whitehaven Beach in the Whitsunday Islands and it holds a number of world records for natural wonders as well!

We left on our Fraser Island tour on a Wednesday, having already spent a few days in Nomads Noosa (an awesome hostel to check out). Having enjoyed ourselves thoroughly the night before, the early rise to be at the vehicles by 7:15am was definitely a struggle. As we loaded up our luggage and close to a tonne of booze, Luke our tour guide was already energetic and ready to go. We all piled into the 4WD's and got ready to embark on our adventure!!

driving on fraser island

After a lovely drive from Noosa to Inskip Point (the closest point to Fraser Island from the mainland), we stopped to let pressure out of our tyres to prepare the cars for the soft sand and REAL 4 Wheel Driving! I was lucky enough to be the driver at this stage and let me tell you - I was terrified!! I didn't want to get bogged in the first 2 hours of our trip! Thankfully, with Luke's thumbs up hanging out the window of the car as we roughed it through the soft sand - I made it to the other side, and went flying past an already bogged vehicle.

It wasn't long until we were on the ferry which was probably my biggest fear for the trip! I get incredibly sea sick and didn't think I'd even make it to Fraser Island! But... the beautiful views as we approached kept me from thinking too much about the constant urge to vomit and within 10 short minutes we were there!

Eli Creek

We jumped back into the cars and made our way to Base Camp for some lunch, enjoying the lovely views that Fraser provides. After a quick lunch break and unloading all our stuff, we were back on the road.

The experience was already overwhelming and incredible just on the first leg of our tour - the weather was sunny and warm, the tides were working in our favour and everything seemed to be going well until it got EVEN BETTER! We saw dingoes wandering around on the beach, Eli Creek, the Maheno Shipwreck, and were even lucky enough to get up to Champagne Pools and Indian Head because of the great tides! All of these just on our very first day!!!

Finally, after a tiring day touring the island we made our way back to Base Camp where Halloween celebrations kicked off. After a few games of 'Never Have I Ever', we got started with the box game. Although this seems like the most insignificant part of the trip, it was definitely a bonding session, even a week after we returned from Fraser Island, my legs are still hurting!!

Maheno Shipwreck

For those of you who didn't know - the box game is a game where you must pick up a box (e.g. cereal box or more common a goon box) off the ground with your mouth, and your knees or hands aren't allowed to touch the ground. After everyone has successfully picked up the box, an inch gets ripped off until there's obviously a winner.

I just want to give a shout out to everyone who played the game that night and a huge congratulations to all the people who managed to pick up a piece of cardboard up off the ground. For all you creepy boys on that trip - I bet you enjoyed finding out which girls were the most flexible!

So, after a glorious night of group bonding, it was rise and shine buttercup to start the final leg of our journey - Lake Mackenzie! By now all drivers have been switched around and getting a hand of driving on the sand.

Lake Mackenzie

We stopped at Central Station on the way through, and when we arrived at Lake Mackenzie - well, what can I say? I don't think anybody could have prepared us for what a beauty she was! We had the perfect day for it and the Lake wasn't swarmed with tourists so we enjoyed a nice relaxing hour or so chilling beside the lake and going for a swim.

After Luke had rounded up the troops we jumped back in the car to head back to Base, pack up everything and head back to Nomads Noosa. Well, weren't we in for a surprise when we got half way up the hill on the soft sand. There was another tour bus parked right in the middle of the road and it wasn't going anywhere. Luke went to check it out and discovered he had broken his gearbox and was stuck there! We thought we were doomed, and especially myself, as I was driving again, was absolutely pooing myself thinking that I would have to reverse all the way back down the soft sands, around the tight bends, dodging trees that I barely missed when I was going forwards, and finally reach Lake Mackenzie to take a different route. However, Luke our saviour managed to help the bus driver and we were on our way again.

Back to Base Camp, we had some lunch, jumped back in the cars again, back on the barge and finally back to Nomads Noosa where the after party kicked off in KB's Bar.

I was bamboozled and flabbergasted! How can one person have so much fun in their life?! Aside from the fact that we saw some absolutely stunning views, the thrill of driving on that soft sand is just amazing - don't quote me on it though, I do love my driving even when I'm not on an island full of sand!

I would recommend every single bit of this trip! It was hilarious watching other people drive, I taught a guy how to use a manual car, and it's quite a close, intimate trip as there's only 7 of you in each car. You learn so much, and the tour guides are so Aussie they're hard to understand - and I'm Australian myself.

All in all, it was fantastic and I absolutely can't wait to go again!!!!

Make sure you book a 2 day 1 night Fraser Island trip... I promise you, you won't regret it!

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