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I had the amazing opportunity to go on one of Bike On Australia's adventures. Bike On Australia offers you a wide range of services like bike hire, bike education, school cycling camps, mountain bike adventure tours, cycling holidays, bicycle workshops, coaching and the list goes on... I went on one of Noosa's mountain bike adventure tours which was a whole lot of fun ;)

bike on noosa

First I got picked up by one of the staff of Bike On Australia at 11.30. As the company has a lot of tours and packages to offer, my guide Jimmy wanted me to be a part of as much as possible. Of course I didn't have time to do all of the tours and that's why he decided to take me up to one of the mountains by car where one of the stops is.

To get an idea of how high this mountain is he first took me down to the river where you could see the mountain in the background. After this we drove all the way up to mountain Tinbeerwah which is 265 m high and the views are just spectacular.

bike on australia

You can see all over Noosa and the surrounding areas.

Then it was time to get to the bikes, we drove down the mountain a bit, met up with the group, the staff explained how the bikes work, everyone got a waterbottle and we were off... Depending on the group there are different tracks suitable for both beginners and more skilled bikers. This track was mostly downhill and I'd say suitable for anyone.

We went through the woods along narrow tracks, through sand, mud, grass, asphalt, you name it... Every now and then we stopped to catch our breath and our guide explained what was coming next, if it was uphill, downhill, hard or easy, just so it would be easier for us to know what to expect.

bike on australia

Once we were halfway through the track we had a stop for ten minutes which I think everyone needed, depending on the tour the groups also stop at a cute little cafe to get a drink or something to eat. Once you got down to the cars you really felt good about yourself and I seriously recommend this to everyone, no matter what size or age you are, there's something for everyone...

Since I arrived in Australia and Noosa there has been a lot of socializing and not too much excercising :) and still I did rather well, according to me that is of course. These tours are a perfect combination of exercise and fun and depending on what you're after there's a lot of different tours to choose from.

... oh and your bum might feel a little bit sore the next day, but it's worth it ;)

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