The Sacred Heart Mission St Kilda

Every day of the year The Sacred Heart Mission assist hundreds of people who are homeless or living in poverty to find shelter, food, care and support.

Since opening their doors in 1982 the Mission has played a key role in helping the most disadvantaged people get back on their feet. Located in the heart of St Kilda on Grey Street these guys have seen a warmth of generosity from the local community who volunteer their time ensuring everyone has the right to a hot meal and somewhere warm to sleep. They recognise everybody is unique, no matter where they are in their journey and are there to support them.

You don't have to be an Australian to help out at Sacred Heart. People from all walks of life can donate some of their time to those less fortunate, including the humble backpacker. To get involved go online or ask your hostel to organise you hanging out and helping out. To volunteer you need a strong sense of humility and a bit of spare time. Whilst there you will either serve up the delicious meals or have a hand scrubbing the pots and pans. Normally the Sacred Heart need help a few days a week.

Down here at Nomads St Kilda Beach we try to volunteer at The Sacred Heart Mission as much as possible. I caught up with two of our backpackers, Maddie and Jon, who had just returned from dedicating a few of their hours.

sacred heart mission st kilda

Had you heard of Sacred Heart before?

No we hadn't as we just arrived at Nomads St Kilda Beach but having been down there, we know what an amazing job the guys do! They also have a sweet op shop next door and we raided it after we finished.

Did you enjoy your time at The Sacred Heart Mission?

Yes, they offered us a free meal and then we got down to work. We were out the back, scrubbing pots and pans, making sure everything was clean and ready to go for the next day of service.

Would you do it again?

Definitely, we will also encourage all our friends at the hostel to give it a go. Giving back to the community is so important. Especially as backpackers it's really lovely to ensure we are all working together as humans to help those less fortunate. You never know when you might need help!

There you go guys! It's all about making sure we look after each other. Make sure the next time you come hang out with us at Nomads St Kilda Beach you check out the Sacred Heart Op Shop or even commit a little of your time to volunteer.


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