great ocean road sunset tour

Tour or car, tour or car? That is the big question when you visit Melbourne and want to see the Great Ocean Road. At Nomads Melbourne I met another Dutchie in the Laundry room. We decided to treat ourselves to a tour instead of hiring a car and having to drive ourselves. Besides that, I am also a big fan of absorbing information so I sat at the front of the tour bus so I could ask the tour guide whatever I wanted, GREAT!

Monday was my perfect day on the Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour. Although it was Autumn the weather was awesome! Something that's a big plus of course on a coastal tour. 31 degrees and sunny, my day started well! However, when we got out off the tour bus to see the sunset at the Twelve Apostles, it was a bit cloudy with some rain. A little bit disappointed we left the car park to walk towards the viewing spots, but it turned out to be amazing. Even though there were clouds, we could see an exceptional sunset. The horizon was the most beautiful red, orange and pink! The coastline and the Twelve Apostles made the perfect scenery for a photo shoot and also "Mental Pictures". Memorize the things you see now for life!

bunyip tours sunset 12 apostles

Except for the sunset, the Great Ocean Road Sunset Tour is similar to the classic Bunyip day tour. You will be picked up from your hostel by a friendly guide. Departing from Melbourne you cross the West Gate Bridge and see villages like Lorne and Apollo Bay. Whilst driving along the tour guide will provide you with the best information you can get about the area. I wish I could stay forever at Lorne; away from the CBD, with beaches, surf shops and a relaxed vibe. Although you are just passing through or stop for a break and a bite to eat, you feel the energy of the different places you visit.

It feels like you're walking on a film set; the coastline, view and Lighthouse are stunning. Take a deep breath and smell the ocean, enjoy the view and don't forget to take some pictures.

We drove through the rainforest and even spotted some koala's. Of course we stopped immediately and admired the wild koala's for a while. There was almost a real competition between the people with the most expensive camera's who could take the best shot.

bunyip tours koala

Afterwords, we visited Gibson Beach and walked down the Gibson Steps, heard the stories about Loch Ard Gorge and other tragedies about the "Shipwreck Coast". Many boats have shipwrecked on the cliffs on the Great Ocean Road. You will get to see and hear some exclusive tour-only specials. On top of that there are some options to extend your stay for a surf lesson, helicopter flight or an overnight stay.

bunyip tours gibsons beach

Taking a tour rather than driving yourself have some major advantages and still give you enough freedom to do whatever you want!

If you haven't visited the Great Ocean Road yet, then come over here, take a tour with Bunyip Tours and visit this unique wonder from mother nature and create memories for life!


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