Chinatown, Little Bourke St

Melbourne is pretty much a hub of amazing food. And where there is food, you can count your lucky stars that the staff at Nomads Melbourne have been there to try it for you so that we can recommend good places to eat. Aren't we good to you? One of the staff favourites is chinatown...

chinatown melbourne

Chinatown, also known as Little Bourke St, Melbourne City, is a great place to take a bottle of wine with a load of mates, (whatever the occasion - wine is always good!), hit up one of the amazing BYO restaurants and have a long dinner with great company. Or on the other end of the spectrum, it's also a great place to take those family members for that fancy meal, that can end early as well.

No matter where you go in Melbournes chinatown it can guarantee a cheap, good feed and not to mention a cheap smartphone screen repair. The magical place that is chinatown is great for a good night out - karaoke and sake included.

Don't be fooled by the name either! Of course it has great Asian food, but it also has great hidden venues in windy alleyways that come off the main strip. You'll find niche galleries, the German house and cute variety gift shops.

melbourne chinatown

In Chinatown you can have a very late night hitting the dancefloor cutting some shapes, and you can be sure once you leave there will be a great eatery to meet you on your travels home for a sit down culinary experience! Yes, we go back to food :)

During the warmer months of the year, Chinatown have come up with an amazing gift to the good people and visitors of Melbourne! A pop-up Asian hawker food market called "Pop-Up Chinatown Treats - Market Day" at Heffernan Lane. YUM! Every 3rd Friday of the Month between 4PM and 10.30PM through the 2016 winter season. this gorgeous little laneway initiative comes to life, a perfect time for after work nibbles or even after a drink in the city munch.

The aroma and atmosphere will entice you with delicious feeds from Japanese desserts to spice satay to cute jewellery trinkets for everyone to enjoy.


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