Falling in love with Australia

Such a commonly used phrase: "I've fallen in love with that country!". And somehow it is used even more by people that have been to Australia. But what is it about Australia that makes people "fall in love" with it? Or how do you fall in love with a country in general? Falling in love with a country (or city) is more or less the same as falling in love with a person, weird as it may sound. There's two ways: love at first sight, or gradually growing to love each other.

falling in love with australia

The first way is the most common for countries and cities. It's that feeling when you go into a town or area, walk around, breathe in the air, take in the scenery, the people, the smells and the food and think 'this is me, this is my way of living life and this is where I love to be!'. You will want to go back over and over again, and won't get bored.

With the second way, you might not be having the strong 'love' feeling just yet, it might be more of a fondness, but it is definitely a way of loving a country. This kind of fondness typically grows and grows when you are staying in the same place for a long time and build up more memories of the place and the people. It is the sort of fondness you have from the place you grew up. The places where you used to hang out with your friends, the supermarket you did the weekly groceries with your mom or the way to school that you would be able to do with your eyes closed. So this is definitely another way for backpackers to fall in love with Australia, since they will be spending a lot of time travelling and building up memories.

Why then does everyone seem to fall in love with Australia in particular? That's not a very hard question to answer and here's our Top 5 Reasons to love Australia. It's the vastness of the country with its wide variations in landscape and climate. Everyone will be able to find the atmosphere that suits them, if it's not on the east coast then you will find it on the west coast, or maybe you need to just cross the entire country in search for that place, but I tell you, Australia is big and varied enough to meet everyones interests. 

Falling in love with a country or city (such as Cairns like I have!) is about having a home away from home feeling. You feel comfortable and just love walking around, losing yourself in the atmosphere.


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