Top 5 Things to do in Cairns when it rains

Cairns is known for its tropical weather - Most of the year we have high temperatures and sunshine but during the wet season it can be a different story. Although when it rains it really, really rains the temperature never drops lower than 15 - 20 degrees. Very lucky aren't we? But don't be put off - even during the wet season there are lots of things to do in Cairns and some of the activities are even better in the rain.

River rafting

Here are a few ideas to keep you entertained if you find yourself in the tropics during wet season.

Quad Biking - There is nothing more exciting than racing around on Quad Bikes with a group of mates - During the wet season the conditions are perfect for a day out in the mud (make sure you take a change of clothes though because you will get covered head to toe). There are both half and full day options so there is always time to fit it in.

White Water Rafting - Throughout the wet seasons the river gets fuller and fuller and creates awesome conditions for rafting. The rapids get bigger and faster and ensure that you have one hell of a good time. Rafting also have half and full day options. I would highly recommend rafting - I had the best time when I went earlier this year.

River Tubing - For those who will find rafting maybe a bit too exciting river tubing is the perfect option. Spend a relaxing afternoon floating down the river taking in the beautiful scenery the Barron river has to offer. And during the wet season the river may even have a few little surprises and currents to make it even more exciting.

bungy in the rain

Bungy Jumping - Unlike some activities you can bungy jump whether it is rain or shine. Nestled in the world heritage Rainforest the site over looks the amazing great barrier reef and from the top of the jumping tower you can see for miles. The site is Cairns is the only place is Australia that you can bungy and the only place in the world to offer 16 different jump styles. So no matter what the weather get up there (even if it is just to cheer your mate on)

Cairns Wildlife Dome - Situated on top of the Cairns Casino why not spend the day among some of Australia's make amazing wildlife. With numerous shows throughout the day and even the opportunity to cuddle a Koala (something every one must do in Australia). Cairns Wildlife Dome is a great place to spend the whole day.

So next time you are in Cairns or worried about visiting because of the weather - DO NOT WORRY - There are endless things to do. And believe me the wet season is great - Usually when it rains it only lasts for a few hours and then you can spend the rest of the day enjoying the sunshine.


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