Rusty's Markets Cairns

Feeling a bit run down from the steady diet of 2 minute noodles and goon? Finding it a bit more difficult to get out of your dorm bed in the morning? Instead of grabbing a Red Bull for an energy boost, why not take a trip to Rusty's Markets this weekend and stock up on some fruit and vegetables. Rusty's Markets is a favorite among locals for offering the best fresh produce from the surrounding areas sold direct from the farmers themselves.

It's the best way to treat yourself to the freshest fruits and vegetables at less than half the price of a visit to the supermarket. You can find some awesome deals or maybe even discover some tropical fruits that you didn't even know existed. Why not pick up the ingredients for an easy stirfry. Some fresh basil, a little chilli and garlic, a tomato, some snow peas, a bit of courgette, some carrot, and onion... whatever veggies strike your fancy.

While picking up these ingredients you can explore the rest of Rusty's markets. Besides locally grown fruit and veg, this is a showcase of other locally produced items like breads, honeys, and even wine. Cairns locals and visitors can also enjoy browsing through stalls from local artists selling arts and crafts. These items can serve as unique souvenirs that definitely won't cost too much to feel guilty about later. Rusty's Markets are open every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 6am - 3pm.

So don't let the cheap price of instant noodles fool you. You could be enjoying a delicious stir fry of locally grown vegetables for less than the cost of a packet of noodles and a can of Red Bull. Explore some of Cairns finest local producers at Rusty's Markets and look after your health at the same time.


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