Blazing Saddles - Quad Biking Cairns

When I think about quad-biking I think about mud, and racing around on bikes. Well that's basically exactly what is it. I had never been quad-biking or ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) riding before so you imagine my excitement when a group of us decided we would give it a go. Located 10 minutes North of Cairns Blazing Saddles is set in the middle of an 18 Acre sugar cane farm abundant with native birds and amphibious creatures of all shapes and sizes! You will also meet their resident geese, peacocks and ducks, perhaps even spot a crocodile!

blazing saddles atv dust

Once we arrived at Blazing Saddles, we were greeted by several friendly staff who ushered us in for a safety briefing. After signing our lives away and getting out helmets we made our way to the 4x4 ATV's and chose our weapon. Thankfully we were given a guide who was going to take us out (follow the leader style), Thank god he was with us is all I can say, we would have got very lost without him.

"... we started going faster heading straight towards the mud!"

The tour stated off nice and slowly giving us all time to get used to the bikes. Even when we were going slow though I still managed to get stuck in a mud hole much to my friends delight. They were nearly on the floor laughing at sight of the guide trying to pull me out. I got used to the bikes in the end though and then the real fun began.

blazing saddles cairns quad biking through puddles

Throughout the trip the terrain got rougher the water got more muddy, the hills got bigger and the gaps between trees got smaller. Our guide was great though taking it at a pace we were happy with. I think he may have overheard me say "He's treating us like girls" though because shortly after we started going faster heading straight towards the mud. Bit of advice for you... Make sure that you don't wear anything you actually like, you will be covered from head to toe in dirt (especially during the wet season months) - the dress requirements are long pants, covered shoes, T-shirt (no sleeveless shirts) and sunscreen. All safety equipment is provided.

We spent most of the morning laughing, mostly because of how bad some of us were. I lost count of the amount of trees that were hit throughout the day and the amount of times one of us got stuck in the mud. I have to say that whether you're with a group of friends or travelling alone this Blazing Saddles ATV trip is the most fun I have had in ages.

The morning trip includes a BBQ lunch afterwards whilst the Sunset Highlights trip includes light refreshments (so you don't spoil your dinner!)

Now... round up a group of friends or just come on your own and book yourself onto a Blazing Saddles ATV trip in Cairns. You can book this trip at the MAD Travel Shop at Nomads Cairns.

Please note that minimum age is 12 years – no driving experience or license required and all skill levels are catered for.

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