Haunted House Pub Crawl Cairns!

Halloween is one of the most anticipated events of the year, we spend weeks planning our costumes, organising which party we are going to attend and preparing ourselves for one hell of a good night and most likely a sore head in the morning - And I am thrilled to say, with a cracking headache, Halloween in Cairns, as per usual, did not disappoint!

In 2013 there was no real question about what we were going to do, the same guys who run the legendary Monday Mission Pub Crawl planned an extra special, extra spooky event just for the grand occasion. Guaranteed to be one of the biggest events of the year there was no way we were missing it. 

haunted house pub crawl cairns

At 6.30pm we all met in the Serpent bar and some of the costumes were amazing (some also not too good) I think it is safe to say there will be a few bed sheets missing from Nomads Cairns judging by the amount of "Ghost" Costumes! We departed on the bus heading for Haunted House #1 - The bus itself was decked out in all sorts of decorations and I knew that we were in for a good night straight away. There were 5 Haunted Houses in total all offering something a little bit different and a little bit more scary, at Serpent Bar at Nomads Cairns one person was hiding behind a door ready to spook anyone who dared to walk in - I nearly fell on the floor several times, you think I would have learnt not to walk through but clearly I am not that smart!

Throughout the night there were Halloween related games such as bobbing apples and ghost and pumpkin pinata's just like when you were kids. There were some great prizes someone even won even a free skydive - Lucky devil!

I know that this Halloween was a success for the following reasons.

  1. I have a bag full of Candy
  2. My hangover tells me I had a great time
  3. My feet hurt so I know I danced the night away
  4. I have pictures on my camera that are going to make me smile for years to come.

We hope that your Halloween was as amazing as ours and if not make sure you head to Nomads Cairns next year and we will be sure to show you how to party in spooky Serpent style.

This was such a great night... hopefully this will become an annual event! We'll keep you posted.

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