Hartley's Crocodile Adventures

When arriving in Australia if you ask people what animals they associate with Australia and what they hope to see before they leave you will usually hear the same answer. Koalas, Kangaroos and also Crocodiles. Cairns is well known for its crocodiles, I mean you can't even swim in the ocean along the esplanade for risk of them being in the water. Located just 40 minutes north of Cairns Hartley's Crocodile Adventures is the place to see and interact with these amazing creatures.

Sleeping koala

Although the name 'Hartley's Crocodile Adventures' suggests that it's all about the crocodiles you will be excited to know that you also have the opportunity to see snakes, cassowaries, turtles and also see and touch Koala's and Wallabies.

It's also the perfect place to have your picture taken holding a Koala to show all your friends back home. Believe me nothing makes you feel more like you're in Australia than holding and cuddling a Koala.

When arriving at Hartley's we were given a map of everything that we could see and do and all the times of the different shows on throughout the day. Some of the shows you can participate in include Koala and Cassowary Feeding, a Snake Show as well as the famous Croc Attack Show and feeding. All of these are worth seeing meaning making Hartley's a great place to spend the whole day. They also have a restaurant on site if you forgot (like us) to take a packed lunch.

In between the shows we had time to walk about the park and check out all the amazing animals. I had a great time learning all about the different crocodiles, each one has an information board next to it explaining their history and how they arrived at Hartley's.

After a walk about the park it was time for the main attraction of the day... The River Cruise. Included in the price of admission you receive a voucher for the river cruise where they take you out on one of the lagoons in search for crocodiles. After no time at all we could see them all hiding on the river banks and swimming right next to the boat.

crocodile feeding show

Once we arrived in the middle of the lagoon our guide took out some fresh meat attached to a long stick and dangled it outside the boat. Out of nowhere there was a huge crocodile jumping up to catch it. I could not believe how far out of the water they got and was happy that I was safely sheltered in the boat.

I have to say that my day at Hartley's Crocodiles Adventures allowed me to tick many things off my bucket list and I very much enjoyed everything that the day had to offer.

Hartley's is easily accessible from Cairns by car or lots of tour operators will take you up there for a small fee. Hartley's is something not to be missed and it's a great way to tick off seeing all those famous Australian animals before you head home. This trip and more can be booked at any MAD travel shop

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