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After staying in Cairns for a few months without making the obligatory visit to the Great Barrier Reef.. we finally took the plunge with Reef Magic Cruises. Spending Christmas on The Great Barrier Reef seemed like a nice idea, so we booked a day trip with our friendly host for Reef Magic Cruises - Karim the frenchy/pirate...

An altogether unpleasant start time of 08.30 was arranged, but it turned out to be well worth it.

Wally great barrier reef

 The crew welcomed us on board their luxury fast catamaran with a boarding photo, and an hour or so later we arrived at 'Marine World' - Reef Magic's stable platform on the pristine Outer Great Barrier Reef.

Scuba diving and snorkelling briefs were done on the journey out to the Reef so we were all ready to get involved... At this point I decided to leave my friends to their introductory dives and join the certified group of scuba divers for a bit of deeper more independent diving at 'The Wall'!

"Within minutes I had found my good friends Nemo and Dorian..."

Lycra stinger suits and scuba diving gear on we hit the water looking good... Within minutes I had found my good friends Nemo and Dorian and went on the hunt for something more exotic like a reef shark... Unfortunately I never found my shark, but the sea cucumbers were plentiful, and I saw amongst others, Titan Triggerfish, colourful parrot fish and barracudas .

45 minutes later we surfaced and joined the guys back on Marine World, everyone looking happy! Wally the friendly 'Hump Headed Maori Wrasse' - in English: 'ridiculously big fish', was a hit with all the snorkellers and divers, and happily posed for many photos before deciding he wanted to leave for the day. Thanks Wally!

Many (slightly smaller) tropical fish were also hanging around (for us I assume?) and the coral was beautiful. In true backpacker style 'included lunch' was sniffed out very quickly and our French Connection seemed intent on eating every prawn on the boat.. Good work Sam. I tried to keep pace but with the thought of the afternoons scuba diving I soon stopped - a mean feat for any backpacker faced with a free buffet! The afternoon was spent snorkelling, diving and sunbathing on the boat before a relaxing cruise back to Cairns with a few cold beers.

If you want a fantastic Great Barrier Reef Experience I can highly recommend a Reef trip with Reef Magic Cruises!

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