Tusa Dive T6 Great Barrier Reef Trip

Today's adventure took me out on the Great Barrier Reef, scuba diving with Tusa Dive T6. Today was an absolutely beautiful day on the water, conditions do not get much better than what is going on in Cairns, QLD this week. The sun is shining and the wind is under 5 knots!  I couldn't help but get myself out of the reef.

tusa boat in harbour

Bright and early at 7am, the reef shuttle departed from Nomads Cairns taking me to the reef terminal which was awesome because the check in on the boat wasn't until 7:45 am and well, I forgot to leave some time to eat breakfast. I ended up grabbing a quick bite to eat and a coffee at the corner diner before heading to the boat for a check in.

When you take a look at the boat you realize why it is one of the best boats in the waters off of Far North Queensland. You are welcomed by friendly staff checking you in and getting you ready for your fun filled day on the reef. Check in, register your diving number, then sit back, relax and get to know the people around you. One of the major perks of this boat is that it is designed to seat 120 people but they only allow 60 to be booked on each trip. Hello leg room!

Just an absolutely gorgeous day on the water, the cruise out to the reef was awesome. The first reef site we visited was 3 sisters on Milln Reef, and it was stunning. On our site briefing the map laid out for us was spot on. The goal was to do the impossible... get to the third sister, a goal in which we failed! My scuba diving buddy Ian and I were reaching for the stars with our plan and ended in the clouds. We reached the second sister. It has some incredible swim throughs, gorges, and the reef walls were stunning. Here we did 2 dives, which the highlight for me was the cuttlefish I got to see and interact with for the first time. The array of wildlife on the outer reef was fantastic as always.

tusa reef diving

After the second dive it was time for lunch, which was a cold but delicious lunch. Our buffet consisted of chicken, beef, ham, cheeses, and plenty of sides. Refuelling but not overfilling as to avoid ruining the rest of my diving for the day.

Finally we were off to our second dive location which was Oasis located on the other side of Milln Reef. The dive instructors on board were so helpful and knowledgeable in creating a dive plan to get the most out of the dive site. There were 5 bommies* that I had to see! We planned out a course according to the current and bommie locations. The highlight of this dive was the array of fan corals and the massive schools of Barracuda. Though the current was strong the dive was enjoyable.

tusa reef fish

Overall a great day spent with some great people. A special thanks goes out to the awesome crew on the T6 as well as my dive buddy for the day, Ian. When visiting Cairns with all of the options, it is best to spend a little more and get yourself out to the most outer reef to see what the Great Barrier Reef is all about!

*Bombora is an indigenous Australian term for an area of large sea waves breaking over a shallow area such as a submerged rock shelf, reef, or sand bank that is located some distance from the shoreline and beach surf break. In slang it is also called a bommie." - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bombora

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