Cairns, Australias Backpacker Capital

The backpacker bars in Cairns are legendary amongst the backpacking and travelling community of the world because of the stories that spread amongst them like wildfire. The bars are wild and the drinks are cheap. Toga parties, blind date competitions, Coyote Ugly dancing challenges or Mr or Miss Backpacker Competitions. Making a fool of yourself when you've had a few too many is commonplace in Cairns...

But it's not all party, party, party! Backpackers, and even "sensible" holidaymakers are attracted to Cairns primarily because of the Great Barrier Reef. Who wouldn't want to miss this unbelievable natural wonder of the world? The colourful coral is a sight you'll never forget, whether you experience it from the sky in a helicopter, through the glass bottom of a boat, whilst snorkelling or while scuba diving.

bungy jumping cairns

But it's not just the coral that's amazing, with marine life everywhere that has to be seen to be believed. From Rainbow fish to huge Humphead Wrasse, turtles and even sharks, even the most cynical amongst us feels a sense of calm and wonderment at such an awesome sight.

After the calm of the reef, maybe it's time to do a bungy jump, or try to spot saltwater crocs at the waters edge... Or maybe you just want to stay calm and serene and chill out by the huge lagoon on Cairns Esplanade.

It's no wonder that after such natural highs during the day, the backpackers are in the mood to party at night.

Of course, days filled with all this excitement and partying can take it out of anybody. Luckily there are loads of places to stay in Cairns, from five star luxury to backpackers hostels that offer a number of different facilities at very competitive prices.

Cairns is certainly one place you'll never forget, whether that's out of sheer embarrassment at your nighttime antics or sheer pleasure remembering the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef.

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