AJ Hackett Bungy, Minjin Swing

AJ Hackett Bungy Cairns is set in the most beautiful location; it covers 7 acres of land which surrounded by the world heritage listed Daintree rainforest. With tropical rainforest comes wildlife, so you may also be lucky enough to see some unique Australian wildlife such as wallabies, bush turkies, goanna's and even snakes.

AJ Hackett Bungy in Cairns has two options for you. A bungy jump or a Minjin Swing. Both have incredible views of the Great Barrier Reef when you're at the top of the tower waiting to plunge into the rainforest. You can choose from 16 different styles of Bungy Jump, however leave the really technical ones until you've practised some of the others first!

The Minjin Swing allows 1 - 3 people to swing at the same time reaching up to 120km/ph. On Sundays they have a great Sunday session and it's a perfect place to relax and enjoy a few beers.

Cairns Bungy Jump
aj hackett cairns bungy jump

Bungy jumping is a true game of confidence! New Zealand tends to hold the title for the world’s bungy capital - but jumping from a platform in the middle of a tropical rainforest is an Australian experience not to be missed! There is nothing more scarier than standing on the end of a 50 meter high platform overlooking the whole of Cairns. The platform is a single standing structure in the mountains of the Cairns rainforest.

When I booked my first bungy jump I was so ready, so keen and so confident. In my mind, it was a very simple adrenaline pumping experience... I was so wrong!

The terrifying experience began with a pick up from Nomads Cairns and a drive out to the AJ Hackett bungy zone. We check in, before making our way to the 190 odd spiralling stairway to the jumping platform. As I began the ascent, the tower was shaking and suddenly the realisation that I was about to do something completely unnatural dawned upon me.

The top of the tower has one of the most amazing views of Cairns… Green Island, the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns City and much much more is all in the eye line. There's also some pumping music to get the adrenaline going. The guys at the top were full of energy, fun and also very professional. The AJ Hackett crew really are unique individuals that are guaranteed to get you laughing!

Suddenly my name was called and the next stage of realisation hit hard! I was going to jump. They give me a harness and clipped me in. The guys then asked me to sit on the side and started wrapping my feet together…with a towel and a cable! At this moment the fear hit me... 'Is that what's going to keep me alive?!?!' The next step was walking to the edge and having my toes peaking over the platform.

Looking out at this amazing view of the Cairns area was amazing. I wish I’d kept that gaze instead of looking down… worst move, the next level of fear hit, I felt the wind more and it no longer seemed like a good idea to jump off this ledge with what feels like nothing. The AJ Hackett team were amazing at keeping me cool calm and collected.

I was shaking now. Everything in my mind was telling me NO! Then here we go! 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 and I jumped! I had no other thought swirling through my mind apart from the “1.” I jumped, leaped and fell. 'Am I going to die' was the only thing going through my mind… It hits me next, I sprang back up and all of a sudden it goes from fear to 'THIS IS AMAZING!!' I survived. That wasn't so bad. I could do that again any day. I loved it so much that I got back up there a second time to go through all the motions again!

Now I have done 5 bungy jumps in two different locations. Does it get easier? Yes it does, when you move onto some of the more interesting jumps like running off the roof. It gets easier, more fun and the adrenaline rush gets better! It's the ultimate game of balls and the most scariest thing I've ever done!

Minjin Swing

Next was the Minjin Swing – My favourite! I had sooooo much fun and could do that every week! After relaxing and having a few drinks from the bar, we went and got ready for the swing. The swing holds up to 3 people, so my friends and I all went on together. I was a little nervous at first when we were being lifted up to the height we were being dropped from but the view was fantastic and completely distracted me, I could see over Cairns and it was beautiful.

minjin swing cairns

I took a deep breath, waited for the lights to turn green and my friend had control over pulling the rope to release us. 3,2,1 GOOOO!

WOOOOSHHHH we dropped and as we began to rise it was a breathtaking experience, breathing in the fresh air and watching over Cairns at an amazing height and speed! We swung for a few minutes until we stopped and were released.

I would highly recommend the Minjin Swing for those who don't think they can manage the bungy jump. It's an activity that you can all do together.

10 out of 10 for a great day out!

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