Night Vision Walk

Australia's wildlife is unlike any other and many of the best only come alive at night. Even if you go about at night looking for the little critters, the most likely thing you'll find is a tree against your nose. No guys, you pretty much need some military equipment to spot the creatures of the night. Think Call of Duty meets Crocodile Dundee. Well let me tell you that you are in luck if this takes your fancy because military equipment is what the Byron Bay night vision walk has to offer you, I'm talking about the cool invention called night vision goggles!

The tour starts with the guide, Wonderful Wendy, welcoming you into her van from wherever you're staying and setting forth for a night of "LIVE ACTION!' While driving the Wendy told us of the rich history that of the rainforests from the threats to the hero's of the area who have fought to protect it. Wendy gave us the low down on what we could expect to come across such as: The Red Necked Pademelon, Mountain Brushtail Possum (CHECK!), Ringtailed Possum (CHECK!), Great Barred Frog (CHECK!), Northern Bandicoot, Tawny Frogmouth (CHECK!), Gould Long Eared Bat, Leaf Tailed Gecko, Fawn Fotted Melomys, Red Eyed Green Tree Frog, and Fuscipes (CHECK!). Oh and the occasional Koala.


After we had arrived in the middle of the Minyon Falls Area Wendy switched off the car lights to let us know how dark it could get. And it was dark, I mean darker than this is near impossible, which is pretty cool if you ask me. After the little darkness demonstration it was time to switch over from blackness to the "I CAN SEE AGAIN" greenness of the Night Vision Goggles. It takes a couple of minutes to get used to but once you're all set the adventure can take place.

Time to go spot some animals! The feeling of being in complete darkness in the wilderness had a frightening yet exciting feeling especially when I spotted an animal. You can see from my list of animals that I got pretty lucky, loads of animals jumped, flew and crept around around me. The only reason why I saw some them though was because Wendy pointed them out for me. No matter how hard I tried to see an animal she was always one step ahead... Always. The trick to spot an animal is to search for the glitter that comes from its eyes, I saw one glitter, but it was a piece of aluminium foil... The walk took about 2-3 hours but was so exhilarating that it only felt like an hour.

The trip ended at the top of the Minyon Falls while enjoying a cup of hot chocolate and a cookie under the starry night. Ah Australia, I'd do the tour again if you ask me.

Both of the images in this article are from Vision Walks


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