Mount Warning Byron Bay

Mount Warning is the highest mountain in North New South Wales. Being 1157m Mount Warning towers over the Tweed Valley and everywhere you go you'll see this mountain. I saw the mountain the first time when I was on the beach in Byron Bay and I was wondering if you could go to the top.

When looking West from The famous Pass you see the rolling landscape of the Byron Bay hinterland with one particular peaking mount, Mt Warning. On a cloudy day one would think that it was a scene from Japan and during a beautiful sunset when the rays are piercing between the gaps of the hinterland, you could mistake it for an erupting volcano in Hawaii. But it truly is a simple Mountain that makes for a magnificent destination with an adventurous journey.

It was a work colleague who told me that the name of the mountain is Mount Warning and that it was possible to go to the top. I decided to band together an eager crew to make the journey!

So early one morning we met in reception at Nomads Byron Bay, dressed in our own interpretations of what would be best for the voyage. There was a mixed bag of Bear Grylls interpretations, David Attenborough and even Fluro Barbie. We were a motley crew to say the least. We went to the local supermarket to buy some food and drinks although we maybe should have got a map too... Fortunately Mount Warning is high enough to see from most places so we found it after a one hour drive and prepared ourselves for the walk.

Mount warning in the distance

There were 9 of us, three girls and six guys and we all impressed each other with our efforts to get to the top. From climbing the rope through the rocky areas to making it through the thick forest making sure not to step on a snake. Once at the top we caught our breath and joined the other climbers who were enjoying the view. The 360° panoramic view of some of Australia's richest landscape was lying out in front of us. Feeling so high above such beauty made us realize how truly small we are in the big scheme of things.

The end of the trip is a heavy climb to reach the top but when you're on the top of the mountain you find out why you have done this sweaty, leg-killing walk. You have a 360° panorama, from Byron Bay to Brisbane and you're in the middle of a huge volcano. All mountains are in a circle around you and Mount Warning is the middle point of the old volcano.

I recommend everybody who is in north New South Wales to go to Mount Warning and to make the trip to the top of the highest mountain in North New South Wales but do make sure to check whether or not it is open. If there has been heavy rainfall then it's too dangerous to walk there and it won't be open. If it is open then just remember to tread lightly and take home everything you left with...


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