Cape Byron Kayaks

One of the first activities I did when I arrived in Byron Bay was the Kayak tour from Cape Byron Kayaks. The lovely team picked me up and dropped me near The Pass. After the instructions on how to paddle, I was ready to challenge the ocean! The hardest part of the kayaking tour is the entering and exiting of the ocean. Before you can enjoy the great view from the ocean, you have to fight through the waves which is very exciting because you sometimes have to charge huge waves.

Once you've fought your way through the waves you can turn around, relax, and enjoy watching the other people struggling to fight through them. This is a very funny scene to witness.

Cape Byron kayaks

I was in a kayak with an instructor; our job was to make sure that everybody stayed together. The instructor in my kayak was also the person who took the photos and of course there were some funny situations when he had to take a photo.

I was sitting in the front of the kayak and while I turned to pose for a photo, myself and the kayak instructor lost balance and we both fell from out into the water. It was hilarious! He told me that I was the first person who let him swim. While out on the water, you also always see one person 'jokingly' trying to see how far they can swing to the side without tipping over, answer; not far! The result is always the same; two people struggling to climb back in their kayaks.

It is not only the kayaking that is fun, but seeing (baby) dolphins and turtles is also really amazing. I saw heaps of dolphins and they were just a couple of meters around us. Two dolphins even swam under our kayak, before jumping out of the water right next to us! If you are going to do the kayak tour during the Whale Watching season, which runs from June to September, you might even see more beautiful sea life.

kayak surfing

Kayaking can be a little bit difficult, especially when you have a hangover or when there are big breaks. And if it is windy, like on the day I was kayaking then that makes it a little bit harder too. But you will have a chance to revitalise during a stop at a beach to drink a coffee or tea. One of my favourite parts of the trip was surfing on the waves with the kayak (the instructor will explain how to do this, it's all about timing!) When we went to the beach to drink a cup of coffee, we literally surfed to the beach... YEW!! While enjoying our hot drinks we were amused by the sight of everyone trying to surf on the waves, which most people failed miserably to do. It's a hilarious sight to see all the wet faces with big smiles coming out of the water.

The trip, with the fantastic staff from Cape Byron Kayaks, shows you the beautiful sea life of Byron Bay over a fantastic 3 hours. You will get all the equipment you need provided, photos, a cup of tea or coffee and you will definitely have a day you will never forget! The greatest thing of all is that they guarantee you'll see a dolphin, or a turtle, otherwise you're allowed to come back; free of charge!


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