Beloporto - Beautiful Byron Bay Burgers

Do you know that feeling, that you don't know what you want to eat but you are very hungry? I have that feeling almost every day and I really don't know what I should eat. A salad? Pasta? Maybe a pizza? Or when you're walking down the streets with your nikes on a haunting aroma comes from nowhere and hits your nostrils?

Here in Byron Bay, Beloporto has found something for that feeling which is a well known Portuguese burger bar in Byron Bay that creates the most delicious chicken burgers in the world. Everyone knows it and everyone eats it at least once a week. 

beloporto burgers byron bay

The recipe is simple but very tasty: a delicious burger bun with three fresh pieces of chicken from the grill, Aioli and of course their famous hot chilli sauce. The combination of everything is what makes this burger so special. Also you'll get fresh lettuce and other vegetables on your burger. In addition, their homemade French fries are deliciously seasoned with sea salt and other spices. It sounds as if this burger is an ordinary chicken burger from McDonalds or something but if you've ever tasted this one you'll think you're in heaven!

Even though they're most famous for their Beloporto Chicken burger, they also offer beef burgers, so there is something for everybody to enjoy if you're not keen on chicken (who doesn't like chicken? Apart from vegetarians of course).

I currently work at Nomads Byron Bay and all the staff kept telling me that I really had to go and get myself a burger from Beloportos at least once, so I did. Luckily for me it's just a minutes walk away from the hostel, so a good reason to go there very often. Your chicken burger is also ready within a quick 5 minutes, so if you only get a short lunch break and then you can still enjoy this king of burgers! They also have a special lunch deal... only $10 for an amazing burgers, fries and a drink!

If you're coming to Byron Bay, and of course most backpackers do, you should go to Beloporto and taste this incredible chicken burger and experience heaven. And now I'm addicted to this delicious burger and I can no longer leave it alone...


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