group that buried the time capsule

"A time capsule is a historic cache of goods or information, usually intended as a method of communication with future people and to help future archaeologists, anthropologists or historians." Wiki-pedia, the free encyclopaedia, February 2015

arts factory time capsule

So there you have it, the definition of a time capsule. We did it, but we did it just for fun! We think that people might open it in ten years, but if the custodians at that time decide to keep it buried, maybe it will stay down there longer.

It was just one of those crazy ideas that come about in the New Year, maybe we will, maybe we won’t – well we did! From the New Year we started to plan; what would we put in there? How would we put it in? Where would we bury it?

We knew we wanted the guests to be involved, so we put up a poster telling everyone about the event, and asking them to contribute goods for the capsule. We also knew the long term crew that work at the hostel would be keen to get in on it. So we advertised the date and put a basket at reception to hold the goods until burial.

The original idea was put up by our awesome assistant manager Rhian Hughes, she kept asking how we could make it happen. Craig Shaw, long term live-in manager & general guru, suggested a broken down old safe to hold the goodies. Then good old Peggy O’Neill, general manager and the chica that makes everything happen, said – let’s do this!

arts factory timecapsule flag

Throughout January nothing happened, so about 24th January, we all shot into action! There were photo’s, a broken down i-pad, print outs for current famous people, t-shirts, photos of the hostel & people of the time, a book the long term campers wrote in, a wine bottle, stickers, some cash, print outs of “stuff” from 2015!...

...even on the day we buried it, Australia Day, the safe was a bit empty, so we rushed around and added an empty Jaegermeister bottle, some currency A$, icons, t-shirts, fridge magnets... you know – stuff! It sounds very lame, but it isn’t!

People added little bits n pieces to make it special for themselves, and this was the whole point entirely!

We had finally got our shit together, the hole was dug, the safe had lots of stuff in it, we ceremoniously gathered around... We siliconed around the edges of the safe, and we dropped this baby into the ground. When we did it, the crew gathering around had a feeling of it being a momentous occasion, so it did feel special to us. We threw a handful of soil on top of the box.

The next part in the process will be digging it up! We commented on the fact that the Arts Factory Lodge will be 32 years in operation if it is pulled up in 10 years! Without a doubt, we hoped this will be true! Another fantasy that went with it, if this time capsule is forgotten and found in 50 years…who will find it? What will they make of it? Will we still have a little part in history?

time capsule

For posterity, we laid this baby in the ground, with a plaque on top, and an Australian flag, and much love and goodwill – into the future we send our time capsule... always with love and good karma.


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