Bush Tucker Walk with Cockatoo Paul

I'd always wondered how cool it would be if you were dropped into the Aussie bush and could survive.

bushtucker walk arts factory lodge

Tuesdays and Wednesdays are extra special at The Arts Factory Lodge, for these are the days that Cockatoo Paul drags himself 'out of the bush' to show us basic survival skills should we find ourselves 'in the bush', or even just low on money and sick of noodles. This was by far the most interesting, funny, exciting workshop I've ever attended and it left me eager to learn more.

Forget Bear Grylls, the hilarious Cockatoo Paul has been 'living bush' since he was a kid and lives for nature so this walk is full of interesting, useful information and I was amazed at how pretty much everything around us at The Arts Factory Lodge has a use. To name just a few, I learnt about natural moisturisers, edible flowers, plants, roots and fruits, how to make a giant palm leaf water bag, bush rope and some spear throwing techniques, fire making, bush toilet paper, bedding material, natural sunscreen and mosquito repellant. See, all really useful stuff sure to impress all your new travelling friends.

Cockatoo Paul gets everyone involved and his enthusiasm really rubbed off on us. The hostel is part of national bush lands here so you are surrounded by native wildlife, flora and fauna.

So with free bush snacks, beer and laughs you really can't go wrong with this one of a kind bushtucker walk. A must for everyone staying at The Arts Factory Lodge and just another thing to make it so unique from other hostels.


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