spot x surf camp

Spot X is the Mojo Surf camp located about 2 hours south of Byron Bay at Arrawarra Beach, near Coffs Harbour. The location is tucked away on a headland with a beach break that offers great waves for learners and beginners. It is the perfect opportunity for first time surfers to take a lesson, or beginners to improve their skills.

You will meet all types of people that are embracing the surf culture – whether you are just starting out or are a qualified instructor. It does not matter at what level you are. The relaxed vibe makes it one of the nicest places I have visited on my Australian travels.

spot x sunset

On arrival, you realise this is a pretty small village and Spot X a little surf camp. Don’t worry that you will be bored or not know anyone; it pretty soon feels like you are going to be a part of this surfing family. Especially the Mojo staff, they share the feeling of living the dream and are open to share their easy going life style. I soon felt like I was at a home away from home.

Okay – let’s go surfing! It starts with a lesson, like any school. The instructors go through the theory of how a beach break works and what a wave does. They even use a whiteboard, just like in a class room. Then they fit you out in a "wetty" (Aussie surf talk for wet suit), then you choose your “board” (Aussie surf talk for surfboard). Then you “hit the surf” (Aussie surf talk for go down to the waves).

spot x views

Once you are on the beach, you do some activities and group games to get warmed up. After all, this is a really physical activity and your body needs to be warmed up! Now it is time to draw your board shape in the sand and practice how to paddle out, line up your wave and finally – stand up! All of the Mojo instructors are super motivated, why wouldn’t you be when your favourite past time becomes your job! They individually work with everyone to give each person the best advice of how they need to approach their first surf. So now you are ready to actually get in the ocean. This is where it becomes tricky! But don’t worry, the instructors stay close by and help you along every bit of the way. And guess what? Most people do stand up on the board on their first lesson – plus Mojo is there to take a photo of you doing it!

spot x surf camp group beach

After about 2 hours of repeat… paddle, turn, stand, dunk….paddle, turn, stand dunk…I guarantee two things; you will be addicted to surfing and you will be exhausted! Fortunately after all that activity; breakfast, lunch and dinner are provided at Spot X. This is so lucky, because all you have to do is pick up your food, and chill out while you “growl down” (Aussie surf talk for eat your meal).

The evenings at Spot X are what “living-the-dream” moments are made of…there you are on a deserted beach in Australia, there is a good crew of people all around, you are having a few beers, having a few goon – then they light the bon fire! There are hot guys, there are hot chicks. You are weary to the bone from the waves you caught that day, you have had a good growl, there is firelight and moonlight, beer and goon…suddenly you are living the dream too!

I recommend Spot X Surf Camp to everyone who wants an awesome start to surfing. My hint to you – don’t forget to look sexy in that first photo they catch you on a wave… Yeeeew!


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