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Australia has a lot to offer. Nice beaches, lovely coast lines and beautiful cities. Besides that it has the amazing Red Centre! Don't miss out on the beautiful nature in the outback and book your trip today. An outback tour is much more than a trip... it is an experience. I was lucky enough to do the Rock The Centre 3 day tour with Adventure Tours.

The first day starts with a visit to an outback camel farm. You can do a camel ride for only 7 dollars. Don't want to ride on a camel? There are plenty of other animals to see, like kangaroos, dingos and emus. Then the trip continues to the Kings Canyon.

the rock tour canyon group shot

Whilst driving down the road I felt like a real adventurer when we had to look for good fire wood for the campfire we'd be sitting around that night. Once we arrived at the Kings Canyon, the three hour hike began.

Although most people automatically think of Uluru, or Ayers Rock, when they think of Australias Red centre, Kings Canyon is spectacular and you can discover all the beautiful places like The North and South Walls, The Lost City and the Garden of Eden.

After a breathtaking hike it is time for us to head off to camp.

First off we got a good meal and then it was time for eating marshmallows and chatting around the camp fire.

campfire rock the centre

Then for a real outback experience... sleeping in a swag bag, an Aussie bedroll, under the beautiful sky with a million stars above you. Seeing the night sky from the outback is an experience in itself, with no city lights around you, you see so many more stars than you ever thought existed!

The next morning we got up nice and early to go to Uluru. Before staring the walk we visited the cultural centre where we learned more about the Aboriginal culture and the importance of Uluru for the local communities. You can choose to do a full or half base walk around what is probably the most famous rock in the world! I did the full walk, make sure you take plenty of water with you, it's hot in this part of Australia!


Don't miss the waterhole during your walk! After exploring Uluru on our own, our tour guide took us on the Mala Walk. Here we learnt more about the culture and saw some nice Aboriginal Art.

To complete the afternoon we watched one of the most photographed things in the world... the sun setting over Uluru, make sure you have plenty of batteries to capture some amazing colours! After all that walking, for dinner tonight there was a good old Australian BBQ. If you want you can try some Kangaroo and camel sausages, I tried the camel sausages which were surpirsingly tasty (I felt slightly guilty considering a camel is part of the Nomads logo but when in Rome... or rather, when in the red centre...) Again the night ended with us sleeping in our swag bags under the stars!


On the last day, we started with a Kata Tjuta and Uluru sunrise. This is also a perfect moment for nice pictures, so bring your cameras. While it's getting warmer we started the Valley of the Wind hike through Kata Tjuta. Halfway around, the tour guide gave us a brief geology lesson, so we learnt more about the origin of the Red Centre (ok, so I've forgotten most of it, just another reason to go yourselves!).

Kata Tjuta has some beautiful look-outs and is another part of the Red Centre that will surprise you with it's beauty and you'll wonder why you only ever heard about Uluru and not Kata Tjuta and Kings Canyon before you arrived in Australia! After the two hour hike it's time to head back to Alice Springs.

Don't want to finish the tour yet? A nice ending to this 3 day Uluru trip with Adventure Tours is to have dinner with your whole group at Annie's Place in Alice Springs, they have a special menu for only 7 dollars. This was a great end to the trip and gave me the opportunity to relax with all the fantastic people I'd met on this tour.

The outback is an absolute must see while you are in Australia and I can happily recommend "Rock the Centre" with Adventure Tours as a great way to experience it!


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