Desert Patrol Groovy Grape Outback Adventure

Alternative title - Mouse in the Outback!

Let me first start with Mouse; this is me, or my nickname anyway, this came about as I am small and cute but also when I get excited I squeak hence everyone called me Mouse. This mouse recently went on a tour with Groovy Grape Tours to the Outback; I did their Desert Patrol trip which is actually two tours put together to create an epic 7 day 6 night tour from Adelaide to Alice Springs.

william creek hotel smallest town

First let’s start with the tour guide; mine was called Steve and he was a whole new level of epic (I will use this word a lot sorry) he was so happy and enthusiastic all the time it was brilliant, he made everyone feel welcome and laugh. He also told us his biggest fear in the outback wasn't the snakes or spiders but the fear of not having enough food! Needless to say I was never hungry, Steve made sure that we always had enough food for an army! He also got us snacks for the bus ride; we were up to our eyes in apples, oranges, crisps, breakfast bars and chocolate cookies!

So the tour! The first three days takes us along the Oodnadatta track exploring the Ikara-Flinders Ranges National Park; this part of the tour took us across the land stopping at a small abandoned town as well as other small outback towns, Lake Eyre - which only fills up once every 25 years; the lake itself is like a beach covered in salt. It’s hard to believe that when standing there you are actually below sea-level very cool. After Lake Eyre it's back in the van heading to William Creek, this is South Australia’s smallest country town with a grand population of 6. That’s not 6 billion; 6 million or 6 thousand, not even 6 hundred just 6 as in 6 people… yeah. The nightlife must be thriving ;)

josephines kangaroo orphanage

So after William Creek we head to Coober Pedy the opal capital of the world. In Coober Pedy we took a guided tour of an opal mine, which was awesome, and then visited Josephine’s kangaroo orphanage. Coober Pedy was the favourite part of the tour for me it was amazing to see an underground city, walking around a house made of rock was surreal.

And the kanagaroo orphanage was epic (there's that word again!) We were given a talk on the kangaroos they have at the centre, we also got to stroke the kangaroos then he brought out a baby!

I couldn’t take any photos of the baby as the flash on the camera can hurt their eyes but he did give me a ‘kanga kiss’ which in terms of hygiene probably wasn’t that great but it was super cute so it’s all good! Staying in an underground hostel was an incredible experience it was so warm!

There are no windows or natural light yet after an hour, unless you touch the walls and feel the rock, you truly forget that you are underground.

uluru groovy grape tours

Next was Uluru! Steve took us to Uluru just in time for sunset then bed before getting up for sunrise and hot chocolate (told you our tour guide was epic). It was amazing to see 'Ayers Rock' the walk around the base was beautiful. The last 2 days involves mild hikes, the rim walk around Kings Canyon; this was too high for me (scared of heights) so I walked around the middle which was still beautiful; the second hike is the Valley of the Winds which is at 'The Olgas' / Kata Tjuta.

Finally we headed to Alice Springs where our guide dropped us at our hostel and that was it! Of course Steve (our epic guide) decided we should meet up for goodbye drinks and that was that, the end of our amazing tour; it went so fast but it was brilliant I would truly tell everyone to do it!

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