segway tour airlie beach

I thought I would never be able to walk again... after experiencing life on a mini segway, why would I even want to? Last week, us girls here at Nomads Airlie Beach tested out the brand new ROBO tour offered by Fun Rentals in the heart of sunny Airlie Beach. Being somewhat of a late-rising town (with locals and backpackers alike sporting hangovers most days of the week), we opted for the afternoon ride. The two hour tour goes down to the Port of Airlie Marina and back again, and includes a drink when you stop at Denmans Cellars for a half time.

Upon arriving at the Fun Rentals office, we were greeted and fitted with stylish colourful helmets, and shown to our robos, which are super cool mini segways!

Our instructor and robo-PRO Iyas then ran the 6 of us through the basics of how to operate and maneuver the robos, then having us practice our forwards, backwards and turns. Soon we were all quite confident, hooning around the parking lot. Hesitant at first, it didn't take long to get used to and it is SO MUCH FUN!

robo tour fun rentals

We had graduated ROBO school and it was time to show off our new skills down the main street of Airlie Beach! The group set off single-file down the street, we were permitted on the footpath which is plenty wide enough to navigate around the (very jealous) pedestrians.

We went up and down the street, across the road, through the park, along a section of boardwalk and around the foreshore alongside the beach. It was such a beautiful time of the afternoon to be - let's call it gliding - around. Iyas took us around to New Beach, where we stopped and took photos of a washed up ship and took in the beautiful view of the Whitsundays, then on to our destination for a break.

At Denmans Cellars we parked up our robos, it felt funny walking again. Here we found ourselves presented with the choice of hundreds of beers and ciders from all over the world, I chose a cider from New Zealand and took a seat. The group sat and chatted for about half an hour, laughing about the few minor collisions we nearly had.

The return trip was such a nice cruise, with a beer under our belt, the sun was starting to set, a great way to end our day.

Thankyou Fun Rentals for such a fun and wonderful way to see this pretty town.


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