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Do you remember the first time that you went traveling on you own? Maybe you were doing a few months on your own in Asia. Perhaps you did a month around Europe or perhaps did a big gap year in the UK. Those memories are priceless and it’s what drives us at Nomads.

Who fits in at Nomads

Not every day can be fun, sometimes it’s hard work. But every day we are stoked to meet people from all around the world who want to have a good time. Our primary goal is to:

To create unique experiences that travellers and staff will cherish for life

The word “Nomads” works quite well to describe our staff. We don’t hire people who don’t know what it’s like to be always on the move. All of our team have travelled at one time or another and know exactly what it’s like to be a backpacker. We use that to drive our company culture.

If you like hard work, you like to laugh, you like to be creative, then get involved, be active and be present

The stuff that is important to us

  • Taking what we do seriously but have fun while doing it
  • Giving people parameters in which to perform without micro managing
  • Challenging ourselves to be better than the day before
  • Making a guests day – if they end up happy, we have your back
  • Bringing your personality to work
  • Aspiring to being world famous at everything we do
  • Did we mention having fun?

If you want to be on a fast track to general management and think you have leadership qualities contact us with your CV: bookings@nomadsworld.com